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Art with no defined meaning. Its purpose is to let the viewer interpret its meaning for him/herself. It can be a test of someones interpretation skills.. And it's why some people like it.

Most will not like my witting. It's abstract and seems meaningless. But if you can look past the potential of confusion, and want to find out what I really mean, then read ahead.
"Abstract Art is meaningless! It does not challenge my intellect at all! I truly  believe it has no place in this world and is only making people dumber. I mean come on! Things should not be up for interpretation. They should be factual. It's just a dead end.

Boo independent thinking! Get the facts strait! Stop acting like the factual things in life should be questioned and up for interpretation. That never got us anywhere in life."
by Atsuidesu March 02, 2010

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