Any type of conduct or policy that improves a company's profits, either through reputation or simply through finances. Can in some cases be beneficial if people are watchful of said company, but more often than not, people are not. Thus, with big companies that have loads of power, influence, and money lying around, they use it in not so nice ways to maximize their revenue. Simply put; if your first order of 'business' is to make money, and you have the means to influence the government, the media, and even your own 'studies', would you do so? Of course you would. Well, at least most would. The major corporations of the US and the world have a monopoly on qualification and misinformation, allowing them to 'purify' their ranks into an increasingly self-serving elite with no danger from outsiders. Those with opposing agendas are systematically crushed through manipulation of financial necessities, or likely in far darker ways when the need becomes dire.
by Shadow Creator December 6, 2007
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used to describe something excellent and/or desirable. Best spoken at the workplace.
See that new secretary in those super tight pants? Yes, that's good business.
by sean_sean_sean December 5, 2006
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The term used by management to describe their decision to take away pay, benefits, or a job from an employee.

A decision based entirely on upper management being able to skim a couple more dollars of profit off from the company without a care or concern to employee safety, long term company effect, equipment reliability, or any other thing than pocketing the bossman a couple more dollars.
Manager: Well we have decided that you will no longer be able to take off holidays.
Employee: Why? I enjoy seeing my family. Why can't I have something that the federal government gives everyone else?
Manager: After some research the company has found that taking away your time and happiness is a good business decision.
by Workerbees January 24, 2012
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a man of Indian descent who owns a little corner store, often referred to as a "Hindu Hut," who sells dutches at a reasonable price and is always open for business, even on New Year's!!!
Let's stop by the good business man and grab a snack and a few dutches.

I love that the good business man is open 24 hrs right across the street from me!!
by nanny clam January 24, 2011
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A phrase meaning that a COO of a company makes a decision that they think is right and doesn't care what the employees have to say!
Follow Rules Good for business
by TDS1984 September 5, 2013
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adj. Financially beneficial. Economically prudent.
Investing in the stock market was a business good decision.
by itsthatbradguy February 22, 2008
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