A discipline that studies the relationship and interactions between lines, shapes and colors in order to produce aesthetically pleasing objects.
A painter creates visual art.
by art May 15, 2016
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Amazing Visual Art school. Cool kids go there. Tons of artsy parties go on! The way they teach is awesome
filming is fun at School of Visual Arts
Everything is better at school of visual arts
I just passed School of Visual Arts
I just applied to School of Visual Arts, hopefully I get in.
by UBook November 28, 2009
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A relatively young magnet school where students choose a different art as a "major" and take classes in it. Students are collectively labeled and referred to by their major, each of which is characterized by a different set of traits and stereotypes. The eight art majors are: Visual Art, Dance, Drama, Piano, Classical Guitar, Orchestra, Music Production and Chorus.
The students of the school are generally known to the students of every other ("normal") high school in the county as emos, smokers, pot heads, and all-together weird. Weaver students often use their school as a an explanation of their own erratic behavior, as in "It's okay, I go to Weaver..." The student body has a reputation for being liberal, although it is home to surprisingly passionate group of intolerant right-wingers.
The school also has a tradition of employing a ridiculous mix of faculty that range from hopelessly passive to scarily bipolar.
It has also been remarked that the school and its inhabitants deserve their own reality television show, preferably on MTV as a Laguna Beach-esque spin off. This belief is based largely on the school's unbelievably high penchant for drama. Certain guys have been known to date every female in any particular major. Girls are fond of having "lesbain" phases, in other words, getting drunk-ish and making out with another girl, bragging about it, and then continuing to date in a heterosexual manner. Oh yeah, and then there was that time when one of the teachers was arrested for having sex with a student. And everybody knew about it.
A typical conversation at Weaver Academy for Performing and Visual Arts:
Dancer: Ugh. The Drama Students are soooo loud. Can we please not sing "Wicked" eighty times a day children?
Drama Student: "NO ONE MOURNS THE WICKED..."
by Student A January 4, 2009
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Victoria School of The Performing and Visual Arts, as said by Aloona is a K-12 arts school located in dowtown Edmonton. Being apparently the only arts school in Edmonton, you'd think that it would have a bigger budget. But no. There are silverfish in the white porcelain waterfountains and the promise to relocate has been bouncing around for years. Besides the potential risk of asbestosis and the occasional library fire, Vic has proven to be a not so bad school.

Aloona, as a student at Vic was apparently forced to go there against her will. This could be noted in the resentful, bitter tone in her/his/it's definition. I am also a current student, but came on my own will and enjoying the place.

Vic is also known to carry one of the most vicious and stereotypical librarians out there. She is simply nown as "The Russian". She did not perish in the libary fire though to the dismay of many students.

First Time Student Goes To Water Fountain: AHHHHHH! What the fucK!?

Wiser Student With More Years At School: Do not drink from the porcelain fountains at Victoria School of Performing and Visual Arts.

by Sadie-Marie May 6, 2007
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Weaver academy is young magnet school that operates as both a performing/visual arts school and a technical careers school.

There's a strong sense of school spirit for both PVA (performing and visual arts) kids and the CTE (career and technical) kids.

The school colors are maroon and silver. The school animal is a Beaver, Otter, Octopi, or an Eagle depending on the day and the person your talking to. It doesn't really matter though because there are no sports , except for Ultimate Frisbee and sometimes basketball.

Weaver has some of the best art programs in the area with several honors and awards as well as state and national competition accomplishments. Weaver does a yearly volunteer program for special needs students.

Oh, and of course Weaver academy drama's best freind are Pinecrest Drama kids. Weaver Art kids are best friend with Elsewhere. And All of weaver is best friend with everyone.
Traditional Weaver Academy for the performing and visual arts jokes:

Weaver Drama kids do it better on stage.

Weaver voice kids do it better with a microphone.

Dancers do it better in leotards.

Art kids do it better in the gallery.

Piano kids do it better with pianos.

Strings kids do it better with strings.

Music production does it better with headphones.
by Huludanshad November 22, 2009
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Vic is an arts school in downtown edmonton that consists mostly of homosexuals and secene kids. Known for rebelious behavior and fair drug useage, vic is considered an over dramatic arts school with poor acedmics and a small budget.

currently attending vic i find it to be fairly hilarious but often full of stupidiy.
regular kid- so you go to vic?
vic kid- yeah, yesturday i smoked three joints
and learned how to paint in a monochromatic color scheme.

victoria school of performing and visual arts sucks.
by aloona December 2, 2006
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A selective arts high school in Dallas, Texas. Booker T. is located right in the heart of the Dallas Arts District next to the Meyerson Symphony Center, Winspear Opera House, Wiley Theater, the Dallas Museum of Art, as well as many other facilities.

Booker T. boasts many famous alumni, such as Norah Jones, Erykah Badu, Edie Brickell (Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians), Roy Hargrove and Elizabeth Mitchell (of "Lost").

The students at Booker T. are in high demand in the artistic and academic world, receiving acceptances to schools from Julliard to Harvard.
parent: My child is incredibly smart but also incredibly talented. I think I'll have her audition to attend Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts instead of paying my retirement to send her to Hockaday or settling for a crappy apartment to send her to Highland Park!
by artspegasus February 12, 2010
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