Someone that’s definitely 100% probably not gay but a bit racist and sometimes homophobic but we accept that
Your being such a Beaumont
by Nen bunda November 16, 2020
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A medium sized town in Texas that is known as the armpit or asshole of Texas. It's rather ghetto, don't walk alone at night. It also smells bad due to the pollution. The women in Beaumont are sexy, but they are either snobby or live in a trailer with her three children.
Girl: Where are you from?
Guy: Beaumont, TX.
Girl: Where's that by?
Guy: Hell
by WootWTF October 18, 2008
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An all girls school in Cleveland in which the students are always depressed and everyone’s period is sinked
Someone: Hey, how’s your life going?
Beaumont Student: Well I go to Beaumont so pretty shitty
by someone adorable January 31, 2019
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A term for anything "elegantly over the top": "How Beaumont"; "That's so Beaumont" Akin to "How OTT"
A black Bentley parked in an RV park: "How Beaumont".
by GuyNAusTex July 11, 2011
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A extra large male that eats an excessive amount daily. Very lazy and usually sleeps. Often, "head of the household"
Boy 1- "Dude theres no more food in the fridge"
Boy 2- "I guess we will need to eat at McDonalds since your dad is such a beaumont."

Example 2

"Your cat is so big, it's such a beaumont"
by the original Mock-Hoss January 5, 2008
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Place where upper class french people strut around like they know everything. Yes they are stupid. Move here and hang yourself in one week is common because it is so boring. Man everyone should just find a french person and stabb them.
Hey, Do you like my car? No, thats not your car. Um, yes it is, that is my car. No its not, my son could beat you up. Okay i agree, but that doesnt change the fact that its my car. Beaumont
by Beaumont Alberta January 3, 2006
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Ryan Leonard Beaumont was the 2nd member of the boyband Roadtrip, his voice is angelic and he is the sweetest and prettiest boi in the world
Why is rye beaumont the prettiest? Genetics.
Why is rye beaumont the sweetest? His little brothers.
by roadie4lyfe October 21, 2018
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