Dax is another word for the most popular guy at school. Sexy and sweet, funny and handsome, every girl wants to have a Dax as her boyfriend. But beware- a Dax flirts with everyone. One of the most athletic guys, everyone loves him. Every girl needs a Dax!
"Did you see the new guy at school?"

"Yeah, he's such a Dax!"
by wazzupguys February 7, 2015
1) Commonly used to describe the embodiment of someone who retains a high level of sexual stamina and an insatiable libido, although keeping in tact a cool demeanor and reflective persona in which can easily charm either opposing, or same gender.

2) It can otherwise be used to explain someone who retains a high intelligence to the level of a god-like extent, although usually very humble about it.
1) "Woah, now that's Dax; he didn't just get to third base with the Cheerleading Captain, but also scored with our Science Teacher!"

2) "Man, that Dax like guy just answered a College-leveled question without a trouble."
by FabioSmackksss October 27, 2009
Someone who constantly leaves and joins back at a rapid rate.
He's doing a dax (Leaving and rejoing a discord call at the speed of sound)
by A smol commie August 19, 2020
Usually known as a guy with a MASSIVE penis
by solydocx October 21, 2013
The Sexiest man you will ever meet. He is amazing at video games and loves thicc girls.
He is checking me out
He must be a Dax
by RandomDude69420 November 20, 2019
Tall, handsome goofball who is a very good rollerblader. Can stick a landing and has a nice smile. Kinda nice and a king at guitar hero. Is partly Korean.
“If I was a girl, I’d date Dax too” - Kylee Thornton
by Dendsn November 7, 2021