Dax is another word for the most popular guy at school. Sexy and sweet, funny and handsome, every girl wants to have a Dax as her boyfriend. But beware- a Dax flirts with everyone. One of the most athletic guys, everyone loves him. Every girl needs a Dax!
"Did you see the new guy at school?"

"Yeah, he's such a Dax!"
by wazzupguys February 7, 2015
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1) Commonly used to describe the embodiment of someone who retains a high level of sexual stamina and an insatiable libido, although keeping in tact a cool demeanor and reflective persona in which can easily charm either opposing, or same gender.

2) It can otherwise be used to explain someone who retains a high intelligence to the level of a god-like extent, although usually very humble about it.
1) "Woah, now that's Dax; he didn't just get to third base with the Cheerleading Captain, but also scored with our Science Teacher!"

2) "Man, that Dax like guy just answered a College-leveled question without a trouble."
by FabioSmackksss October 26, 2009
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Someone who constantly leaves and joins back at a rapid rate.
He's doing a dax (Leaving and rejoing a discord call at the speed of sound)
by A smol commie August 19, 2020
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Usually known as a guy with a MASSIVE penis
by solydocx October 20, 2013
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The Sexiest man you will ever meet. He is amazing at video games and loves thicc girls.
He is checking me out
He must be a Dax
by RandomDude69420 November 20, 2019
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The definition of a stud. Dax lurks on tinder looking for foxy pregnant women to hit on. He spends his nights thumbing through social media and strolling on the beach, always on the hunt for a good time. Dax is the patron saint of all party dogs and is often prayed for the presence of his party spirit to enhance parties and social gatherings.
Tom: “Dax! We gotta get lit tonight! Rachel is gonna be at my party!!!!”
Dax: “isn’t rachel the single pregnant girl that works at sky zone that I met on tinder?”
Tom: “that’s the girl!”
Dax:”women shouldn’t play sports!”
Tom:”haha what?”
Dax: “I’ll be there!”
by Blaircon1 June 29, 2018
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