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A sound used by Americans to mock arab language, usually spoken in a negatively taunting manner.
Look at that fuckin sand diggin a-rab ah Budda Budda motherphucka! HA HA!!! LOL
by eazy-X January 03, 2008
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pennsylvania state treasurer budd dwyer
republican found guilty of taking 300,000 dollars
of tax kickback money in a conspiracy...stealing thief...
he had a press conference the day before his conviction..jan. 22 1987
it was a cold snowy morning..
budd's wife told him "just give them a piece of your mind, don't go shooting your mouth off"
before the press conference
budd thought he was going to get 55 years in jail...
people thought he was resigning at the press conference...
bitches just didn't know..
after a while of rambling on stage..
in front of an audience and a live tv crew...
people thought he was resigning...
he rambled about how wrong our justice system was...
proclaiming his innocence..
he said he once voted for the death penalty...
and now he regretted it because now he understood
that the justice system could be wrong...and an innocent man could be guilty for a crime he didn't commit
dwyer said life had been like living in the twillight zone recently...
he rambled on and on...sweaty and nervous..
he began handing out envelopes with his suicide note in it..
then he pulled a .357 magnum out a manilla envelope
people didn't really notice for a few seconds
bitches started yelling
"no budd, budd, no"!
he told the camera crew to don't stop filming...
he told those who would be easily offended to leave the room...
budd fuckin dwyer didn't fuckin resign
so he put the gun to his mouth and blew his brains..
fell like a damn sack of fat bald potatoes
yelling, screaming...blood pouring from his nose, any body got a tissue?
bitches don't know bout no budd dwyer televised suicide
he didn't resign to die in office so his wife could get a million dollars...
a million dollars to pay all his damn court fees...
his co-conspirator got convicted the next day...
the co-conspirator was supposed to get 55 years like budd...
but only got 1 year in jail....but it got shorted to 7 months...
budd would have gotten 7 months too....but he didn't know...
budd's televised suicide became a joke for the next 20 years..
everyone laughs at the suicide footage
kids in PA drill holes in quarters and call it a budd dwyer commemerative
he exploited himself...
the video is on "faces of death", "bowling for columbine", youtube, google..
a shock value enthusiast novelty
everybody laughs at the video of budd having oral sex with a .357 magnum
budd dwyer is only known for his shocking televised suicide footage.
by eazy-X December 27, 2007
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Conceptual art is a newer form of art that focuses more on ideas than on pleasing visuals or traditional beauty. it is a response to older forms of art. People will label it modern art. Conceptual art is not always abstract art but sometimes is. Conceptual art is often labeled pretentious because most mainstream people have trouble understanding it. a conceptual album for instance is an album that may tell an overall story. post modernism
conceptual ideas are found everywhere. pink floyd's the wall is a conceptual album.
by eazy-X May 16, 2008
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these goddamn cocksuckin sons of bitches don't know
shit squat bout nuthin...!!!!
i ain't bout ta watch no damn art house film
filmed in hd in 4:3 aspect ratio...
full screen is for asshole lickin jackasses...
why can't all dvds come in 16:9 only?
makes me all pissy and shit when i accidentally get a movie in 4:3...
i may be pmsin like a lil bitch but
all the faggots who like their damn movies in 4:3 aspect ratio
can hit the zoom button on their dvd remote and it'll be full screen on their 4:3 tv...
the black bars on the top and bottom annoys the shit out of em...
4:3 ass lickin is a shame....cutting away the true composition of each shot...
all the blind motherfuckers will never get the feel for compositional design
the intention was meant....
maybe i'll never see....
have some class....take a bunch of film courses
please forward this message to any REAL AMERICAN
4:3 and i'll kick your ass
by eazy-X April 04, 2008
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The most misunderstood form of visual art. The passive art audience will say abstract art is meaningless because all it is is a bunch of meaningless shapes and colors and that anybody can do it. Yes, anybody can do abstract art by throwing paint on a canvas but not many are actually good at it. That's like saying anybody can make abstract noise out of a guitar, very few are actually really good at it. It takes a sensitive and trained eye to know good marks and good brush strokes and composition just like music. Just like listening to abstract music from an instrument. And no, not anyone could throw paint on a canvas and make tons of money off of it. If that were the case everyone would be rich and famous and there are very few rich and famous abstract artist out there today. Only people who were the first at what they did are really famous. People know nothing about this art form and still judge it out of ignorance, they haven't done a single bit of research and think they know everything about abstract art and what it means. I could say Jimmy Page is a pretentious hipster because he makes a bunch of non sensical sounds out of a guitar and I don't know what they mean. The purpose of abstract art is not always to interpret the meaning for himself. There is such thing as bad abstract art and good abstract art. People who hate abstract art are normally hypocrits because they whine about modern abstract art yet they go on to enjoy other forms of abstract art like it's normal. Music is an abstract form of art, beats and guitars, and sound is meaningless. Design is abstract where shape, color, form, composition is abstract. Compositional shots in film is abstract, there is color, space, etc. Just about anything designed is abstract. Look at a nice car that you like for instance, it's the shapes and colors that please your eyes. Look at anything artificial that you think looks good, it is still the shape, color, form, composition that pleases the eye not the fact that it is an object. A painting is still an object, it doesn't always have to represent anything. That's like me saying why is your car red? what does it mean? why are there different shapes on your car, it makes no sense. Look at all the buildings all around you, look at all the things around you, there is abstract elements that look good everywhere. Some will go as far as saying abstract art is actually from analyzing and object where the origin of the abstract is actually an object being abstracted. Also consider the concepts put into abstract art.
Dumb people think they know everything about abstract art just sound stupid because they contradict everything they say. If anybody could make millions off of abstract art go prove it and try it for yourself. go throw some paint on a canvas and tell me how far you will make it. are you as smart as you sound?
by eazy-X April 29, 2008
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music is abstract. the sounds from instruments don't really represent anything physical in your surrounding. lyrics are words and words are abstractions of things. music is easily defined as an abstract art. abstract painting is the same. there are shapes, colors, texture, composition that don't always represent anything. abstract visuals may represent things in your physical surroundings but not as easily recognizable.

so why do so many people who like abstract music not like abstract painting? why is music more accessible for a passive audience. why is a instrumental musician like jimmy page praised while a painter like jackson pollack condemned by the mainstream if both sound and visuals can both provoke emotion? if jimmy page makes a bunch of seemingly nonsensical sounds from his guitar and jackson pollack makes a bunch of seemingly non sensical paint splashes.

there is one reason and i think i can explain. abstract music is able provoke emotions easier because it completely surrounds a person. it is easier to surround a person with sound than it is to surround a person with a painting. with a painting there is limited space in a person's viewing range. even looking up close at a painting it is harder to provoke an emotion because you know all around you there are other objects. colors, shapes, lines, and composition can provoke emotion but not as easily. bigger painting are more accessible than smaller ones. on gray days you may feel a bit down and sleepy where on sunny days you may feel energized and happier, that's because those colors are everywhere around you, kinda like what a music cd can do to you. that mood completely surrounds you and is able to capture your emotion like a song does. looking at a small abstract painting is like listening to your favorite song in mono in one single headphone on a crummy speaker that isn't loud. the song completely loses it's effect because it no longer surrounds you much like a smaller abstract painting. an abstract painter will have a much harder time impressing people because he can't easily mass produce a painting and make it large enough for everyone to really feel. if you see a jackson pollack painting, more than likely it will be maybe 3 inches wide in an art history book, and if you get a cd with jimmy page on it you can turn it up as loud as your stereo system allows it to, completely filling the space you're in. that's also why silent film no longer exist. and if people say they listen to music because of the lyrics, they shouldn't listen to music, they should just read the lyrics to the song.

people's emotions are somewhat invisible to them. that's why people will say things like anybody can throw paint on a canvas and make a bunch of splashes of paint like that pretentious jackson pollack. but nobody ever says jimmy page is just a pretentious hipster making non sensical sounds out of a guitar, even my 2 year old son can make non sensical sounds out of a guitar like jimmy does. abstract painting or design still takes skill and not many people will appreciate it or try to understand it unless it's created on a massive scale. people have solved this problem by separating art into kitsch pop art and high art made for an aggressive audience. the strong stigma on abstract painting will likely remain.
People who don't like abstract art only give it a better reputation among the art community. People who use terms such as "fag, stupid, retarded" don't seem to understand that their points don't get across very well. The more the mainstream hates it the more the intellectual community feel a stronger ego for their own unique identity. the only way the mainstream audience could destroy the reputation of abstract visual art is to accept it and embrace it. that's why jackson pollack is in the art history books and jimmy page isn't. seriously
by eazy-X May 19, 2008
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if you hate abstract art don't listen to music. all the weird abstract sounds out of instruments don't make any sense. they are completely non sensical. just read the lyrics, at least that part is the only part that is understandable. oh wait, i forgot words are abstractions of things also. say no to music. music is made by a bunch of pretentious hipsters and art snobs. anybody can make stupid sounds out of instruments, my 2 year old son can make a bunch of stupid noises out of a guitar and or make a bunch of simple beats like those dumb rap and rock stars. anybody can make millions by making non sensical out of an instrument.
abstract art is for pretentious art snobs that drink coffee. music is for fags who think they are smarter than everyone. lets all go to church at least they can answer every question to make the meaning of life and everything around it more accessible and understandable. lets all hold hands in a circle and love one another and understand each other's feelings.
by eazy-X May 16, 2008
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