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see non hipster. today's 2008 hipster definition has flipped around. the hipster these days is the normal average everyday walmart/starbucks shopper. walmart is bigger than jesus. he drives a normal car, listens to normal mainstream rock and pop, hangs out at the mall and starbucks, eats mcdonalds and applebees.he lives a predictable and forgettable life. because punk and emo have become so prominant in the last few years. the normal guy is now considered the hipster because there are only a few of them left. the hipster insults punk kids, art kids, indie kids, coffeeshop kids, pretentious psuedo intellectuals because the preppy 2008 hipster kid thinks he is normal, average everyday, and cool. today's hipster is a college kid getting drunk from using his rich parent's money and whining about liberals. he is too passive aggressive to do it in person so he goes online to insult art kids, liberals, anything anti mainstream, booksmart people. he is showy with his parent's money because his parent's are rich yuppie hipsters by this definition.
Today's definition of hipster has really turned around. i'm part new definition hipster and part old. i admit, i like some indie stuff everyone considers pretentious and some mainstream stuff people think is too poppy. i shop walmart, starbucks and drive an suv and i eat at some underground mom and pop shop and hang out with artists and punks and conservative people. my favorite food is mcdonalds. i wear thick framed glasses but alot of brand names from Express and Addidas and the buckle. asics are my favorite shoe. i like underground experimental art and some mainstream summer blockbuster movies. i listen to heavy metal, gangsta rap, indie, pop top 40, punk, death metal, country noir, britney spears, broken social scene, classical music, film score, trip hop and neo soul, and rock. i graduated college and have money from a career in graphic design making mainstream commercial ads and logos.
by eazy-X February 15, 2008
A negative connotation for a unique characteristic to an advertisment, business, object, person,story, film, etc. that is unique for the sake of being unique or to draw attention. A gimmick normally holds no substance. Many products that try to be innovative and new that fail end up being labeled gimmicks. gimmicks sometimes end up becoming non gimmicks if it lasts through time and is proven itself worthy and becomes a tradition.
Mike Huckabee's wit is a gimmick. The band tool is a gimmick. the 3-d glasses are a gimmick. the strange twist ending to a movie is a gimmick. the video rental store's ad on tv with the sexy girls on it is a gimmick.
by eazy-X February 11, 2008
pretentious, egotistic, redneck, good ol' boy, flashy
that showy redneck is a cocky loser
by eazy-X February 8, 2008
R&B that is made for a more jazzy, funk sophistacated taste. Unlike r&b pop artists like beyonce, neo-soul is real. It is associated with hip hop not to be confused with gangsta rap, trip hop, classic soul, and street culture. the term was originated by Kedar Massenburg from Motown records in the late 90s.
erykah badu, jill scott, floetry are neo-soul artists.
by eazy-X February 15, 2008
A system that splits a stereo signal into a 5.1 surround sound system. Since stereo recordings are made for 2 speakers and 5.1 surround sound systems have 6 speakers dolby pro logic II splits the different sounds into different speakers based on the wave length of the sound within the recording. Normally the vocals fall into the front center speaker and the instruments may fall into surrounding speakers and the bass falls into the sub woofers. many video game developers make games using dolby pro logic II technology because there is no digital audio outsource for the game device except some of the newer systems such as the ps3 and xbox 360. games that use dolby pro logic II will have sounds fall into an individual speaker based on where the sounds of gunshots or effects is located in relation to the perspective of the gamer. cd's are only available in stereo and dvd's could hold up to 7.1 surround sound. with dolby pro logic II stereo recordings could seem to have as much depth as a 5.1 recording.
some albums are recorded with dolby pro logic II in mind. notice how the main vocals falls into the front center speaker and the choir falls into all the surrounding speakers.
by eazy-X April 4, 2008
sia kate isobelle furler. a great vocalist and song writer. she sang a bunch of songs for the trip hop group zero 7. she also has a few solo albums out. some people have real problems is her latest installment. a great album comparable to feist's the reminder album.
sia is an awesome artist. i like her voice and personality.
by eazy-X February 14, 2008
no such thing. a white trash republican redneck that tries to one up everybody with a pompous backwoods cocky attitude. A loud drunk and obnoxious country hic without class. All good ol' boy types aren't really good boys at all.
Good ol' boys are annoying trailer meth addicts.
by eazy-X February 1, 2008