68 definitions by eazy-X

a modified japanese import car made for rave asian kids. see rice rocket. they are made for looks and speed.
that wonton cart culture has become real popular in the last few years.
by eazy-X February 21, 2008
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uptight and anal superstitious people. they want to control what everyone thinks, believes and does. if you're any different you're going to hell.
the baptist is just another cult follower
by eazy-X February 12, 2008
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hairs on your finger
my finger hair is black
by eazy-X February 12, 2008
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the angriest character in video game history
kratos will crush anybody
by eazy-X May 30, 2008
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Really long tits or boobs that look disgusting.
That old woman with those long wrinkly dick tits got warts growing all over them.
by eazy-X January 28, 2008
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to push a strong thought without making oneself vulnerable. a personality that may be ranting strong beliefs behind people's back or safely on the internet to avoid retaliation from the fear of it. trying to push others with a strong defensive shield that shows weakness. ranting/preaching politics and religion without a strong sense of assertiveness. pushing beliefs without action and results.
some passive aggressive guy was writing nasty racist comments on the internet because he knew that if he did it face to face he would have gotten his fuckin face kicked in.
by eazy-X January 2, 2008
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