An expression of one's awareness of one's own personal shortcomings.
The morning after sending a drunken e-mail to the girl he was secretly pining for, John woke up, and, remembering what he had done, said, "Man do I suck!".
by Leon Malick December 16, 2008
The words a milleninal uses when he or she has a short and rare moment of self-reflection.
Millennial: 'I suck'
by cheesenugget January 11, 2016
I'm bad at everything.
Them: "You're late!"
You: "I'm sorry... I suck at life."
by thisKid November 30, 2005
A term used in Nepali twitter to show off your extra hot body.
Chaman ko i suck at editing. ta wild hot thiyo yaar!
by VaxoDai March 23, 2021
Getting your a$$ handed to you by a girl when playing pool.
So if you lose 4 out of 5 to a Girl.... YOU SUCK AT POOL.

Perfect realized he was no longer Perfect when Svetlana kicked his ass in pool.
Svetlana: "What do you have to say for yourself?"
Perfect : "I suck at pool!"
by Perfect December 4, 2006
It's something you say when you fuck up something really bad but have fun doing it anyway.
(you just tripped on a football field, and the other team just scored because of your fumble. you laugh at yourself, saying...)

by ShutUpImMe September 5, 2015