The insatiable desire for newer and more inane iPhone and iTouch apps, driven by their short-lived novelty
Kyle: "Dude lemme play that BubbleWrap app."
Joe: "Naw man i deleted that shit. The APPetite hit me."
Kyle: "God, i fucking hate you."
by manic_prometheus June 11, 2009
of, or pertaining to, an appetite, specifically for food or drink
I'm starving and your taunting me with food is causing me appetital anguish.
by Crumpy March 19, 2005
of or relating to a persons state of hunger; a form of appetite.
I'll wait to eat, I'm not feeling very appetitic at the moment.
by HHuntington July 10, 2017
Someone has an appetite or desire for something but not the stomach to deal with the stressors to achieve their desire.
Joe has the appetite to hold office, but not the stomach to take the personal attacks!
by I, Wreckerrr November 2, 2020
A hunger for sex.
Ben Dover wished his date a bone appetit while heading to the bed.
by I, Wreckerrr December 4, 2016
Used by a guy when he whips out his dick to get devoured by someone else
Person 1 whips out dick: Dick appetit
Person 2: *proceeds to give blowjob*
by fuckith meith November 11, 2020
Bon Appétit is the French for 'Enjoy your meal'. It was also used in many other places such as the name of a magazine. But if you heard this or someone wrote it in an email or a letter, just know that it means enjoy your meal.
P.S. the following example is a real life quote that made me find and add this word in the dicionary:
Student:thanks for the meal today, believe it or not, today I
didnt have anything for breakfast and not much for dinner the night
before, so that muffins were quite satisfying. :)
And I never thought of a strawberry that deep in my entire life.

Teacher: No doubt there'll probably be other unexpected things this quarter, but
I don't know how many of them will be food oriented. "Bon Appetit" regardless.
by randomguy908727 October 17, 2007