used after a rhetorical question,allowing for someone to offer a dissenting view.
Has anyone seen him buss his gun ? anyone ? i'll wait
by trendseta July 23, 2008
A phrase usually applied at the end of a long argumentative rant. (mostly by large black women)
Who doesn't like fried chicken, grape drink, and living off welfare? I'll wait..
by Hick Biscuits January 2, 2016
When spoken to a man, by a woman, who is seated comfortably in the front seat of a car, on a rainy day, outside Starbucks, translates into English as: Venti Cappuccino with almond milk and a vanilla bean pastry, please.
I'll wait here.
by Monkey's Dad December 24, 2019
The Cardigan that the English teacher wraps around her torso when aggravated.
{talking} AHEM, I'll Wait, {wraps cardigan around torso} HANDS ON TOP {that means stop} Thank You, Samantha go ahead, keep reading. That defines the I'll wait Cardigan.
by FroggyPlays March 27, 2022