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Hunger is fatness leaving the body.
Her "OMG I'm sooooo hunger."
Him "Isn't it wonderful? That's the feeling of fatness leaving the body!"
by darkwhitein1955 March 03, 2020
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While visiting my Hungryan friends, whenever I'm in fucking Hunger--the Hungry capital--I always get so goddamn hungary.
by Amanda Lynn Player June 18, 2018
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Hunger is a feeling experienced by animals when the glycogen level of the liver falls below a certain point. The usually unpleasant feeling originates in the hypothalamus and is released through receptors in the liver and stomach. An average nourished human can survive about 50 days without food intake, but only three days without liquids. Hunger can also be applied metaphorically to cravings of other sorts.
hunger is not the biggest crisis facing the world global warming is
by Yuvraj Singh July 24, 2006
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A popular term that members of ineptly ruled/managed societies/people like to use to elicit guilt -- and thus, more importantly, donations -- from members of competently ruled/managed societies/people. This bellyaching guilt trip is not confined solely to international communication, however, and is often parroted intranationally (oddly enough, almost exclusively by folks who could stand to miss a meal).
"<Hunger is> what you feel when you dont eat...
the crisis facing the rest of the world...but you wouldnt know if you are american."

"For just $.70 a day -- the price of a coffee! -- you can ensure that <click>gubu <whistle> fafa <click> is fed, and has medicine; won't you call us?"
by F(r)iend January 24, 2007
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1. A need or compelling desire of food.
2. (proper noun). "The Hunger" - cannibalistic tendencies and an unyielding urge for human flesh and blood, often experienced by Vampires, Zombies, Werewolves, and Wendigos
1. "I had such a hunger yesterday, but I couldn't find any food in my house."
2. Tom: "Ever since Johnny got infected by that virus, he has had the Hunger.
Johnny: "BRAAAAINNS!!!"
by dmaca August 22, 2009
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a level of hungriness that comes after Hungry, and before starving.
Im getting pretty hungers, we should go eat.
by word1891 April 27, 2011
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