to consume, or eat something with no remorse.
to swallow something whole and slowly digest it.
1.Chuck devoured the steak as soon as it was put on his plate, it was like he hadn't eaten in weeks.

2. The T-rex devoured the humans one by one as they tried to run.
by GWS December 25, 2005
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Commonly known among Death Metal circles as the most brutal band on the planet. A lot of bands try to copy their style.
by necrob May 29, 2006
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an air creature from starcraft(broodwar) that can only attack other air units. it belongs to the zerg race, and works well with sourges to eliminate flying forces. it is the equivalent of the corsair(protoss) and the valkyrie(terran) which are also released in broodwar.
they do a moderate amount of damage with splash, but most important is that they slow the enemy's rate of fire with spores.
he came in with carriers and i thought i was done for, but with some devourer's and and a dozen scourges i managed to hold him off.
by scott mawdsley April 26, 2008
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I'm gonna call you the devoure - chayanne
Wendy eats fast
by Elchayo August 10, 2017
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To kiss passionately
by Godplay February 6, 2017
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Devour, Devour, suffocate you own empire- devour, devour, it's your final hour...
by The Girl With the Most Cake August 10, 2009
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