A Jesuit is a name given to someone who's aims to disunify within a squad by means of playing tricks and/or backstabbing, usually in the interest of other crews.
Peter: "Why does Ignatius keep accidentally scoring in our goal? He's busting our game!"
Paul: "He probably a Jesuit from the other team."
by Standaloe April 11, 2018
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Friggin' Franciscan's are getting their asses kicked by the Southern Baptists in Zimbabwe...send in the Jesuits!
by harry flashman July 12, 2003
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The popular name for the monastic order called the Society of Jesus. The order was founded by Ignatius de Loyola in 1534, and was recognized by the pope in 1540. The mission of the Jesuits was in three areas: teaching, service to the nobility, and missionary work in foreign lands. Their greatest mark was made in education, and the Collegio Romano was their primary seminary.
See above....wait, the example is too short???
by IrishRepublicanArmy December 29, 2004
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Roman Catholic Church. A member of the Society of Jesus.
often jesuit One given to subtle casuistry.

F. J'esuite, Sp. Jesuita: cf. It. Gesuita. 1. (R. C. Ch.) One of a religious order founded by Ignatius Loyola, and approved in 1540, under the title of The Society of Jesus.

Note: The order consists of Scholastics, the Professed, the Spiritual Coadjutors, and the Temporal Coadjutors or Lay Brothers. The Jesuit novice after two years becomes a Scholastic, and takes his first vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience simply. Some years after, at the close of a second novitiate, he takes his second vows and is ranked among the Coadjutors or Professed. The Professed are bound by a fourth vow, from which only the pope can dispense, requiring them to go wherever the pope may send them for missionary duty. The Coadjutors teach in the schools, and are employed in general missionary labors. The Society is governed by a General who holds office for life. He has associated with him ``Assistants'' (five at the present time), representing different provinces. The Society was first established in the United States in 1807. The Jesuits have displayed in their enterprises a high degree of zeal, learning, and skill, but, by their enemies, have been generally reputed to use art and intrigue in promoting or accomplishing their purposes, whence the words Jesuit, Jesuitical, and the like, have acquired an opprobrious sense.

2. Fig.: A crafty person; an intriguer.
Jesuits' bark, Peruvian bark, or the bark of certain species of Cinchona; -- so called because its medicinal properties were first made known in Europe by Jesuit missionaries to South America.

Jesuits' drops. See Friar's balsam, under Friar.

Jesuits' nut, the European water chestnut.

Jesuits' powder, powdered cinchona bark.

Jesuits' tea, a Chilian leguminous shrub, used as a tea and medicinally.
by Larstait December 1, 2003
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The high school to beat in the northwest. Jesuit is an amazing school all around. Men and women for others, indeed.
"Jesuit students are men and women for others."
by K-rizzle November 30, 2004
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That Jesuit was going on about how transubstantiation doesn't happen during mass.

The Jesuits are butchering the Catholic doctrine and telling the masses what their ears are itching to hear.
by Disdanus Maximus September 20, 2017
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If you want torture, they've got it: iron maidens, thumbscrews (the original gameboys), the rack (not tits, folks), the wheel, cat o' ninetails, anal pears, whips, water-torture (but not Chinese because Jesuits considered them heathens), and painful vises to make you confess even imaginary vices! This is the Spanish Inquisition at its finest. You want zealots; Jesuits are Zealot's-R-Us's finest antique models.
Can you think of anything better than being brutally tortured until you confess to being a filthy heathen (probably a jew) in love with (and having had vast orgies with the minions of) Satan?

What a bunch of bastards...
(partly taken from Monty Python)
by Spork_damage April 27, 2007
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