A country, because of 1400% inflation, everyone's a millionaire.
A supermarket in downtown Harare, Zimbabwe:
Eggs: $2 million
Bread: $5 million
Meat: $10 million
A new currency: Priceless.
by MidnightRaven February 15, 2009
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Previously called Rhodesia, Zimbabwe geographicaly lies in Southern Africa, North of South Africa and between Botswana and Mocambique. The name originated from the famous "Zimbabwe Ruins" in the country and was addopted in 1980 when the country became independent.

The ruling party of Zimbabwe, ZANU(PF), (which stands for "Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front") has been in power since 1980 and was originaly heralded as a liberating and heroic force. Under the rule of Robert Mugabe, president since independince, the country has slowly been deteriating. At independince, Zimbabwe had a flourishing economy based on agriculture as well as an opertunity to construct a new and free political arena, particularly after the era of white rule. This opertunity was passed by as the rulling party started to remove any democratic oposition or barrier to their mantainince power.

Recently the situation has escalated to a human rights tragady. Under the governments "Land Redistribution Scheme," land that had been leagly owned by white farmers has systematicly been ocupied and eventualy taken over. In the prosses people have been thretened, beaten and killed. Although the government originaly had no ofical conection to any of the violece, many of the warlords and guerilla groups are either sponsered or run by ranking officals. However, the police force and army made no move to stem the growing violence, and has even started to participate in the occupation.

ZANU(PF) has tried to justify its actions by claiming the it is only reclaming land that was originaly owned by the native black population. Despite this though, the government has renounced all of the farm hands who worked on the white owned farms. These workers are almost exclusively black and are being forced to live in the wilderness in barrent and appaling conditions. For most of them the farms represented the sole form of income and even if they did now have some refuge, they would have no meens to support themselves.

Dispite the hidiously unatractive political enviroment, Zimbabwe is a country rich with natural beauty. It has an abundance of wildlife and stunning scenery. To add to this, there are huge reserves of natural resources in the country, as well as some potentialy extreemely productive land. In essence, Zimbabwe is a butiful country that has been sabatouged by a few powerhungry dictators and diserves better.
Zimbabwe (Zim)
Capital: Harare
Rulling Party: ZANU(PF)
Opisition Party: MDC (Movment for Democratic Change)
Currency: Zimbabwean Dollar
Current Human Rights and Political State: A Bloody Mess
by Anonomyous Person April 6, 2006
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Occupied Rhodesia
Idiot: Zimbabwe is a lot better off after they kicked out all the white people
Genius: You mean Occupied Rhodesia you bloody moron. They can't even farm!
by OnlyAmericaFirst December 7, 2019
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A hot guy. Someone who does not take no for an answer. Someone who is always the first to charge into battle.
Wow, look at him. He's such a Zimbabwe.

OMG. What a Zimbabwe.
by Hanso21 February 26, 2020
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1)An African country.
2)A friend to always count on.
3)Someone who will always be there.
4)A bone-jumping bad-a** chick.
5)A person that almost speaks Spanish fluently.
6)Someone who hates to play hockey.
7)A good tour guide.
8)A gal with large cha-chas.

*May also be shortened to Zimbo or Babwe
1)Let's study Zimbabwe.
2)Aw, you're such a Zimbabwe.
3)I want to talk to my Zimbo!
4)Man, did you see that guy and that Babwe?!
5)I wish I could be a Zimbabwe.
6)I'm a Zimbo, no doubt.
7)I wish I had a Zimbabwe with me!
8)Jeeze-Loueez! Did you see that Zimbo?!
by FSK December 14, 2007
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The 6th largest continent located near the south coast of mongolia. It can also be used to signal when a joke has been made.
Person 1:I just joined a terrorist organisation.
Fbi: You what.
Person 1: Zimbabwe
by C3po said the n word June 11, 2019
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Noun: A country with insignificant harms from landmines. Anyone doing this country in policy debate this year is not the brightest bulb in the chandelier.
I can't believe you're using Zimbabwe as your country!
Did you know Zimbabwe only had 5 deaths and 21 injuries from landmines?
by Medso Fag November 25, 2004
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