To butcher - To not do justice to the original work or enactment.
"Dude, he's totally butchering it the song !"
by Michael van Horen September 25, 2006
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the act of having sex so hard, one party or the other is quintessentially butchered.
Now that the kids are asleep, want to do some butchering?

I totally butchered Sarah last night.
by vordsmit December 15, 2019
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an amazing and sexy drummer from the band The Academy is...
"It's Freakin Scooter time!" said The Butcher.
by Fueled_by_Sam October 25, 2007
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(past participle)

When a task has been performed to a deplorable standard.

When something has been damaged completely.

Synonymous with: ruined, messed up, slaughtered, botched, bungled
I'm never using those those manufacturers again -- They completely butchered the design.
(They changed my design to an unrecoverable extent)

My answer *should* be right.. ..unless of-course I've butchered the working somewhere...
(My answer should be correct unless I've made a mistake in my working to the problem)

Avondale College butchered those chaps from MAGS.
(The team from Avondale college soundly beat the team from Mount Albert Grammar School)
by LGD May 19, 2004
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In cockney rhyming slang, to "have a butcher's" means to have a look, from the rhyming slang "butcher's hook".
Let's have a buthcer's around the grounds then, shall we?
by Santi July 11, 2005
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Here let's have a butchers at that! (notso commonly - 'Here let's have a butchers hook at that!)
by Ollie Ford May 08, 2008
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