The best name ever created. A person with this name had a shining personality and is loyal to everyone he comes across.. Adventurous and talented. The best sex you will ever have is with a person named ignatius. Anyone with the name has a big penis not a small one. Is the American version of Ignacio and the longer version of Iggy or Ig.
Whats that guys name?
His name is Ignatius.
What!? With a name like that I gotta hook up with him!
by pitbull1234 November 7, 2011
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absolutely huge penis and probobly the best kisser ever dates the best girl in the world and is funny nice to people nice to him
omg your such an ignatius

thank you daddy
by jjsn f h h. sjhh February 24, 2021
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An incredibly strong and sexy beast. Talented at Singing sports and children's card games. Everyone wants to hang around Ignatius because of his pleasant presence and sweet smell. Women dream of him every waking minute once they have laid eye on him. Incredibly horny and cool at the same time. But usually has a very small penis.
David: I can't belive I lost to that guy.

Mark: Well, he WAS an Ignatius.
by The Man of the jungle May 24, 2011
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Ignatius(just say Iggy cause Ignatius sound dumb asf) is the dumbest person you will ever meet, this man is just a complete meathead who smells like horse cock and a slaughter house blended together. Alright now that I've got your attention, Iggy is the definition of "bae till the end <3". One of the most genuine people you will ever meet. Iggy is someone who is very easy to talk to. He is understanding, comedic, and has a love like no other. He is someone you definitely don't ever want to loose. His heart is just full of pure love and not fake love. When you meet Iggy he makes it feel like you've known him for a lifetime because of the strong energy he radiates. Being friends with Iggy will 100% be one of your most genuine friendships you've ever experienced. If you can find youself an Iggy, hold onto him because once you meet him, you're gonna never want to let go of him.
Word of Wisdom From The Man The Myth The Legend Ignatius:
1. "Same diarrhea different toilet pal".
2. "Her pussy was the tighter than a water bottle, my words hold weight i’m like Aristotle".
3. " Mmmm yes a formidable choice".
4. " What the problem is?"
5. " Baldy ain't having it g".
6. " What are the plots".
7. " Tell me NOW."
8. " Lardass"
9." Shit stain"
10. " Hildegarde"
by shitcock42069 August 7, 2020
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The central character of John Kennedy Toole's pulitzer prize winning novel A Confederacy of Dunces.
In his 30s, Ignatius still lives with his innocent, old, alcoholic of a mother. Despite his immense education and former profession as a university professor, our protagonist had no patience for his students' inferior minds.
He could be described as an oafish genius prone to fantastic levels of delusion. His epic viewpoint on even the most trivial of things makes it difficult to sustain a steady job. Ignatius has a particular interest in his disdain for pop culture, and modernity in general. In fact, Reilly goes to such great lengths to revel in this disdain that he will, for example, attend the movie theater just to fiercely ridicule the lesser films.
Easily rivals Patrick Bateman as the most unintentionally humorous fictional character of all time.
Bruce Lee: Who is more unintentionally funny, the infamous Patrick Bateman or the immortal Ignatius Reilly?
Jose Contreras: They're both gut wrenchingly hilarious. Ignatius is loveable despite his ridiculousness, Bateman is despicable but awesome from a birds eye view. Both are pretty far removed from reality in one way or another, but Ignatius is a far more interesting character though American Psycho's satire is more pointed and effective.
Bruce Lee: Would you shut the fuck up?
by benny b from the bronx August 16, 2007
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There are a few St. Ignatius High Schools across the country, but this is a definition of the one in Cleveland, Ohio.

St. Ignatius offers the best combination of athletics and academics out of any school in northeastern Ohio.

Ignatius offers a challenging college preparatory curriculum that not only educates the mind but also the heart. To have chance to be admitted, students usually need at least what would be equivalent to about a 3.5 GPA in grade school. Most Ignatius graduates will tell you that college was far easier for them academically than high school was due to Ignatius' outstanding preparation. Suburban public high schools like to talk about how they might of been rated "excellent" by the state of Ohio, but the truth (even with the best ones like Solon, Chagrin Falls, Brecksville, Hudson, Shaker Heights) is that they ain't shit compared to Ignatius. Unlike most other schools, St. Ignatius uses a grading scale of A+=98-100, A=95-97, A-=93-94, and so on, with a 70 being the lowest passing grade; while at pretty much all other schools, it's A=90-100, B=80-89, C=70-79, D=60-69, F=0-59 with no plus or minus grades. Most kids with a 4.0 GPA at a public school would probably struggle to break 3.0 at Ignatius, if that much. The east side private schools like University might be slightly stronger that Ignatius at academics, due to their affiliated grade schools, but they cost more that twice as much a year for tuition, and they can only compete with Ignatius in the typical "rich boy" sports like hockey, lacrosse, golf, and tennis.

Speaking of sports, St. Ignatius is commonly accepted as the home of the best overall high school athletic program in Ohio, as said by Sports Illustrated. I might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that Ignatius has won at least one state championship in every boys sport sanctioned by the OHSAA. Some teams are definitely stronger than others, but none of them can be called anything less than "pretty good." You will hear public school fans bitch and moan about how we "recruit" kids to play sports, but a school with sports and academics the caliber of Ignatius recruits itself. When was the last time you saw an Ignatius coach at a CYO football or basketball game? The coaches who are there are always from smaller Catholic high schools like Padua, Holy Name, Trinity, etc.

The main rival of St. Ignatius is St. Edward High School, another all-male Catholic school located a few miles away in Lakewood. St. Ed's may have a superior wrestling program, but in all other sports they are either equal or worse than St. Ignatius. And it's not even close as far as academics goes. As I said before Ignatius only allows top students to attend their school, but Ed's will let pretty much any dumbass in. Many of their athletes are the stereotypical meathead jocks: they're dumb, cocky, rude, and expect the other students and their teachers to line up to kiss their ass because of their sports talent, and most happily comply. I've never known any athletes at Ignatius who are like that, and the school gives them no special privileges. A lot of St. Ed's people see Ignatius as elitist because our tuition might cost $500 a year more (for a higher quality product, that is), but in reality Ed's has just as many rich kids as Ignatius while Ignatius is far more generous with financial aid to those who need it.

Other St. Ignatius facts:

-A lot of inferior schools think we're all gays or woman haters because of the fact we're all boys, but this is obviously just done out of jealousy.

-Ignatius does have cliques based on what sports or activities people like, just like any other school, but there's never really any kind of bullying or animosity. Everyone respects everyone, and everybody can find a group of friends they can fit in with.

-We're not just a sports school, we have just completed a new performing arts center that is the best out of any other local high schools.
Every year St. Ignatius sends its top graduates to colleges such as the Ivy League, the service academies, Notre Dame, Georgetown, and Boston College. The best students at (Random Suburb) High School are lucky if they can get into Ohio State.

Typical St. Ignatius athlete (Anthony Gonzalez): Maintains a 4.0 GPA throughout high school and college, where he graduates with a philosophy degree in 3 years, and becomes a 1st round NFL draft pick.

Typical St. Edward athlete (Alex Boone): Drinks a case of Budweiser a night throughout high school and college. In high school, he knows that as football star he doesn't need to have any respect for his teachers or schoolwork. When a new teacher at Ed's, not familiar with him or the school's jock ass-kissing culture, gives him a detention for coming to class in his usual t-shirt and jeans instead of the uniform of dress shirt, tie, and dress pants, he says, "Don't you know who the fuck I am?", files a complaint with the administration, and receives no punishment while the new teacher is damn near fired from her job. Is hyped as the next great offensive lineman at Ohio State, but becomes a decent, rather than great player because it's a lot harder to block defensive linemen in the Big Ten when you're hungover. After leaving college without graduating, he trains in the hope that he will be drafted into the NFL, but has to settle for being an undrafted free agent after going apeshit in a parking lot while drunk.

Or, like Troy Smith, they flunk out or get kicked out for bad behavior, but always have a spot waiting for them at Glenville.

Our famed alma mater graces
Every shrine within our hearts
With her unforgotten faces
And the faith that she imparts.
Years in passing cannot sever
Ties of new days from the old.
We're Ignatius men forever
As we hail the blue and gold.

On! Ignatius with your gold and blue,
You're the best team that we ever knew;
You've got what it takes to win this game,
Honor to your name! RAH! RAH! RAH!
Fight, you Wildcats of Ignatius High!
Their old team can bid this game good-bye;
On the old beam now, you blue and gold team now,
And fight to victory!
by better than you since 1886 August 29, 2009
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