The best name ever created. A person with this name had a shining personality and is loyal to everyone he comes across.. Adventurous and talented. The best sex you will ever have is with a person named ignatius. Anyone with the name has a big penis not a small one. Is the American version of Ignacio and the longer version of Iggy or Ig.
Whats that guys name?
His name is Ignatius.
What!? With a name like that I gotta hook up with him!
by pitbull1234 November 7, 2011
absolutely huge penis and probobly the best kisser ever dates the best girl in the world and is funny nice to people nice to him
omg your such an ignatius

thank you daddy
by jjsn f h h. sjhh February 24, 2021
An incredibly strong and sexy beast. Talented at Singing sports and children's card games. Everyone wants to hang around Ignatius because of his pleasant presence and sweet smell. Women dream of him every waking minute once they have laid eye on him. Incredibly horny and cool at the same time. But usually has a very small penis.
David: I can't belive I lost to that guy.

Mark: Well, he WAS an Ignatius.
by The Man of the jungle May 24, 2011
Ignatius(just say Iggy cause Ignatius sound dumb asf) is the dumbest person you will ever meet, this man is just a complete meathead who smells like horse cock and a slaughter house blended together. Alright now that I've got your attention, Iggy is the definition of "bae till the end <3". One of the most genuine people you will ever meet. Iggy is someone who is very easy to talk to. He is understanding, comedic, and has a love like no other. He is someone you definitely don't ever want to loose. His heart is just full of pure love and not fake love. When you meet Iggy he makes it feel like you've known him for a lifetime because of the strong energy he radiates. Being friends with Iggy will 100% be one of your most genuine friendships you've ever experienced. If you can find youself an Iggy, hold onto him because once you meet him, you're gonna never want to let go of him.
Word of Wisdom From The Man The Myth The Legend Ignatius:
1. "Same diarrhea different toilet pal".
2. "Her pussy was the tighter than a water bottle, my words hold weight i’m like Aristotle".
3. " Mmmm yes a formidable choice".
4. " What the problem is?"
5. " Baldy ain't having it g".
6. " What are the plots".
7. " Tell me NOW."
8. " Lardass"
9." Shit stain"
10. " Hildegarde"
by shitcock42069 August 7, 2020
This is a real person. As of December 2nd, 2022, he is a 16 yr old gr 11 student at Western Canada Highschool in Calgary Alberta, Canada. He is a catholic from Southern India, but he was born in Seattle. Despite his brief inhabitance in Seattle, he is still an avid and proud seahawks fan. He was involved in SHAD Mcgill 2022. Additionally, he is very involved in the debate community and he won second speaker in the beginner category of the Alberta CNDF Provincials. His friends sometimes call him "Iggy" referencing his interesting last name, which is his father's first name. One if his dear friends is Abhinav Jain, an interesting character as well. One of Ethan's signature phrases is saying "SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT". Mastering the use of this phrase in the perfect circumstances is a difficult task. He likes UFC, KFC, and LFC, but hates UofC. He very much dislikes when his friends call him a "bloody banchoad". He is a Full IB student and is very smart. Currently, he is in a Physics 20 IB class, TOK IB class, Math 30 IB class, and English 20 IB class.

The following are his contacts:
Instagram: @ethnnsh
Snapchat: ethannyyc

He lives in the Cougar Ridge area, I'm not sure of the exact address.
"Is that Ethan Ignatius?"
by AryaMohhamadiGaming December 2, 2022
The central character of John Kennedy Toole's pulitzer prize winning novel A Confederacy of Dunces.
In his 30s, Ignatius still lives with his innocent, old, alcoholic of a mother. Despite his immense education and former profession as a university professor, our protagonist had no patience for his students' inferior minds.
He could be described as an oafish genius prone to fantastic levels of delusion. His epic viewpoint on even the most trivial of things makes it difficult to sustain a steady job. Ignatius has a particular interest in his disdain for pop culture, and modernity in general. In fact, Reilly goes to such great lengths to revel in this disdain that he will, for example, attend the movie theater just to fiercely ridicule the lesser films.
Easily rivals Patrick Bateman as the most unintentionally humorous fictional character of all time.
Bruce Lee: Who is more unintentionally funny, the infamous Patrick Bateman or the immortal Ignatius Reilly?
Jose Contreras: They're both gut wrenchingly hilarious. Ignatius is loveable despite his ridiculousness, Bateman is despicable but awesome from a birds eye view. Both are pretty far removed from reality in one way or another, but Ignatius is a far more interesting character though American Psycho's satire is more pointed and effective.
Bruce Lee: Would you shut the fuck up?
by benny b from the bronx August 16, 2007