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a person who for some unknown reason pretends to be your friend then harrasses you for no reason then denys it all then admits it then denys it again then tries to get you to feel bad for alerting an adult of the situation
Christina is a backstabbing liar all of the time and cant be trusted.
by monkey monkey monkey April 14, 2009
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Going and doing something behind someone elses back without the otherone knowning for some time.
<guy> im gonna kill that horse.
<gurl> im not. I dont harm animals
<gurl> -kills the horse without the guy knowning>


Telling someone something then going around saying it to someone else about a bestfriend when its not true which is back-stabbing them
by tUr0k December 27, 2008
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Backstabbing is betraying someone.
The past tense of backstabbing is backstabbed.
Person B is backstabbing Person A by delibratly releasing private information about Person A that Person A disclosed to person B with the understanding that the private information would not be shared.

Person A is backstabbing Person B by dating Person B's spouse while Person B is married to them.
by Keen Gadfly February 27, 2021
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-a very fun thing to do when you are bored and driving around with your homies. Whenever you drive by someone that is walking/jogging on the sidewalk, simply stare them down and yell, " BACKSTABBER "
Ernest and I went backstabbing last Friday and we got Baby Bull.
by Theodore Monroe October 07, 2007
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