Commonly known as a Jew in a suit.
Guy1: look at that Jew in the suit!
Guy2: yeah he's pretty much a jesuit.
by hortino4 January 25, 2008
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a fucking bad driver, usually of the asian ethnicity. uses the whole road as their personal lane and goes either really fast or exceptionally slow. get off the road if a jesuit is driving...
by jesuitmissionary May 1, 2007
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People that attended a Jesuit school and receive job opportunities and favors from another who attended a Jesuit school. It is a known common practice in the Northeast, as well as California. Schools noted for their Jesuit Mafia connections include Georgetown, Marquette, Boston College, Loyola Marymount, Santa Clara, University of San Francisco, Gonzaga, Xavier, and Creighton.
Person 1: How in the hell did Kyle get hired?

Person 2: Kyle's Jesuit Mafia. He went to Boston College. The CEO went to Georgetown.
by ajcarm March 15, 2013
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The best private school in Tampa, Florida. The school consists of 680 young men who are athletic, intelligent, and downright sexy. Females flock to Jesuit events in hopes on finding a dominant male mating partner. Jesuit consistenly sends kids to college unlike other schools such as Tampa Catholic and Plant.
"Wow, not only is that Jesuit Tampa guy hot, but he's going somewhere in life. I want to carry his children."
by Joe Sabin October 29, 2009
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The most chill school in the DFW metroplex. Although it isn't co-ed, all the bros get the girls often. The "gay jokes" are pretty funny i guess for some people, but whats actually funnier is that the people that tell them dont get girls themselves. It is for smarter bros than JP2, more socially adept bros than Cistercian, and more athletic bros than parrish. Jesuit is beast at the major sports: lax, bball, football, and baseball. They also have some other good "teams" that I won't waste time mentioning. Jesuit is so chill that students are allowed to watch harry potter the week befor the new release, play ping pong, watch the world series and olympics, and have nerf gun wars in the library all during school!
Lax Bro #1: "Bro, where do you go to school?"

Lax Bro #2: "haha Jesuit Dallas man, its totally dank!"

Lax Bro #1: "I hear that place is so chill."

Lax Bro #2: "It is."

Lax Bro #1: "Nappy!"
by phillyphromtexas December 14, 2010
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The term coined by St. Xaiver students.

Usually means the appropriate-ness that is approved by St. X.
"At my end of the school year at St. X party, there will be games, food and dancing! But let's keep it Jesuit appropriate!!!"
by LickingLampshades September 26, 2011
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A place where real niggas go, every one there smokes loud shit, everyone says bet
That dope nigga goes to strake Jesuit
by FuckWhatTheyTalkinBout June 13, 2016
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