Noun: Anyone I'd Like to Fuck. (sounds like MILF without the "M" pronunciation)
Identifying another person as physically attractive, then stating if the chance presented itself, you would fornicate with them. There is no prerequisite to being an ILF except that you must NOT be a mother, grandmother, or disabled (MILF, GILF, DILF). ILF is limited to those that don't fit under other ILF categories.
"Dude, look at that hot chick over there! She's an ILF"

(As an attractive female walks by, you point and exclaim) "ILF!"

"Ey, lets go to that party, I heard there'll be a grip of ILFs there!"
by Beanjoe October 26, 2006
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I'm legitimately fapping. Used in those moments in which you can't hold a conversation with a friend because you are masturbating.
Kyle: yo, did you get that thing I sentcha?
Keegan: ILF
Kyle: so you did then..I'll give you a three minutes
by Sobriquet318 January 13, 2012
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Letter before it usually is, and stands for:

Milf = mum ild like to fuck
Silf = Sister ild like to fuck
Dilf = dad ild like to fuck
Nilf = Nan ild like to fuck
Gilf = Girlfriend ild like to fuck
Filf = Flid ild like to fuck
Man your mums a MILF!!!!
by SirPagey May 13, 2008
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a new way to call someone a fuckwad
Person 1: "remember when you dated that ilf?"
Person 2: "what's an ilf?"
Person 1: "it means fuckwad."
by TwistyLlama May 28, 2019
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