Infront means something is. In front of something.
Billy is infront of me
by Grammar master48485 July 1, 2021
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An advanced following technique in which you remain infront of someone and calculate their next movements as to remain infront and conceal the fact that you are in fact following infront of them.
Dude, that guy has been following infront of us for that last half mile.
by SHAD0WZOMBIE January 25, 2017
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A syndrome where you shake a lot when meeting or talk to girls , this could cause from trauma after got rejected by girls and this trauma can cause you to become an introvert.
Majority of people who have Shaking infront of girl syndrome will never ever get a girlfriend or wife. -CockLord2222

(this is a joke btw don't take it seriously)
by CockLord2222 October 15, 2022
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When your round a friends and he orders a personal chef and while you eat salad there fucking right there
by Girlsbumming November 8, 2020
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Meant to traumatize somebody;
Usually directed to someone that you despise.
If this bitch don't shut up I'll kill myself infront of them
by bubkk_ May 3, 2023
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