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When a person thinks they are posting images of delicious and tempting food products, but instead are just annoying the hell out of everyone on social media by being constantly obsessed with their daily meals.
So, basically everything this girl devours is #foodporn. She should get some new hobbies.
by artisan2534 March 11, 2015
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When food is so good looking you orgasm in a spot. Not to be used with just any photo of food. It has to look so good that Stevie Wonder himself goes, "Damn, that looks good" If used on a photo of food that isn't mouthwatering orgasm inducing, then you're just an asshole and should be kicked in the shin and stabbed with a fork multiple times. Multiple times.
Me: "That kid just posted #foodporn on something made with ramen noodles, what the fuck."

Henry: "I'll get my stabbing fork."
by Stonefinjay April 30, 2015
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