Boys who enjoy yaoi (a genre in Japan that contains sexual and/or romantic relations between two men); literally translates to "rotten boy"; corresponding female : fujoshi
Alex blatantly displayed his fudanshi side to his friends.
by Yuri Katsuki January 13, 2017
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a boy who loves yaoi manga they usually tend to be a part of the LGBT community but still, they're straight ppl who read yaoi too ^^
am I the only fudanshi here :'(
by soujin9 April 20, 2019
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Male who likes/loves reading yaoi (manga which depicts romantic and/or sexual relationships between males). Counterpart to the female fujoshi. Often also refers to males shipping other males (and sometimes females) in anime and manga,
When he admitted to being a fudanshi all his friends looked at him weirdly except one girl who squealed.
by yandere-sama May 30, 2017
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A boy who enjoys yaoi. This word is commonly misunderstood for a boy who enjoys Yuri (a boy who enjoys Yuri would be called a himedanshi, which literally means princess-boy). Literal translation of Fudanshi is “rotten boy”. Although it has originated from negative sources, the word has been reclaimed.
Person 1: Wow, he reads yaoi? Is he gay?
Person 2: No, he’s straight. He’s probably just a fudanshi.
by Justananimestan December 14, 2020
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Fudanshi is the male term of Fujoshi.
Fujoshi is a term mostly used for yaoi fangirls ,it means "rotten girl".
Fudanshi means "rotten boy"

Fudanshi is a boy who likes yaoi (boys love).
Sometimes it might be used to describe someone who likes to pair up characters in animes and mangas.
Ex.:(Haruno Sakura x Sai,Zoro x Robin).
That boy likes yaoi he is a fudanshi.

That fudanshi paired up Lucy and Loki.
by Henel December 20, 2013
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A male who is interested in BL/Yaoi

It’s translates to “Rotten boy” when translated into English

Female counterpart is Fujoshi (which is usually used as an insult most of the time)
Person: “I see that guy reading Yaoi over there. Is he a Fudanshi?”
by Falsewasthere June 25, 2022
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