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The kind of woman you would never look twice at and pay no attention to. She's not worth remembering, not particularly noticeable and you don't think twice about giving your time up for her. She's not well maintained, even when she tries, if she bothers to try. Her appearance doesn't catch attention because it's not there; she's not pretty or ugly, just regular. Even bottom of the barrel dudes wouldn't look once at her. She doesn't care about her appearance, or at least the things that matter with appearance. Her skincare is sub par. Her makeup is noticeable, but makes no statement. You'd never comment on it or ask for tips. Her hair is not well maintained; it's either unkempt, not kept or well treated, her wigs are poor in quality and her weaves look homemade or poorly done. Her clothes look may neat but up close, don't match, her outfits are never well coordinated and poorly executed. Her clothes are cheap and even when they aren't, her execution allows them to appear cheap. She is not modest in her appearance, which in fact, removes all her appeal. She probably doesn't even care. She doesn't have the greatest education-wise and has a low paying or low achieving job. She is loyal to a fault regardless of her treatment by a man, especially ill, thereby, rendering her a sap.
"Ain't nothing special about her; she's just regular degular!"

"He used to date pretty girls. Now he with this regular degular chick? Pickings must be slim"

"Oh, I don't know who your talking about. She must be regular degular I can't remember anything about her. "
by TwattyPippin November 03, 2016
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A synonym for marijuana of poor quality, similar to Reggie. This is usually smoked by broke boys who don't care for the quality of the marijuana that they consume. This weed is not loud, it's not potent, it's just regular. You're better off smoking a cigarette.
Homie 1: Yo, you tryna' hit this blunt?
Homie 2: Man, I KNOW you not smoking that regular degular!
by JazzyJasp May 22, 2018
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