An imaginary type of person whom assholes complain about on the Internet as the reason that they can no longer be assholes.
I can't believe all these SJW's, calling me racist and sexist when I say and do racist and sexist things!
by timdub March 28, 2018
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a word people use as an insult, when they get called out on their prejudice and have no good defense.
"All women are gold-diggers."
"Hey, what's with the generalization?"
"Oh, shut up, no one likes a SJW."
by jennn099 July 5, 2020
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Social justice warrior, someone who fights for the principles of human equality and solidarity.
Jessica really educated me on the concept of white privilege after she got arrested for protesting the gentrification of Harlem. She's a real SJW.
by Lisamakescupcakes April 20, 2011
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White fat middle-aged people that likes to write fucking meaningless essays while eating Mac Donald's on social media, especially Twitter.
Person 1: "Ayo what are SJWs like?"

Person 2: "Basically 50% of the Americans"
by HorneMonkeThatSpitsFacts December 1, 2021
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I'm an sjw that uses twitter and I think I'm helping the world by none stop complaining and witchhunting everything and everyone. My hair looks like a cut around a bowl and then I tried to cover how bad it looks by dying it an obnoxious color
by YepyEPpyepppYEP November 6, 2020
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SJW is an acronym for 'social justice warrior'. It used to have a positive connotation, because social justice is, in and of itself, a good thing, right?

However in more recent times, it's been co-opted by numerous amount of people that the entire rhetoric behind "social justice" has turned wishy-washy. In other words, it's not fresh news. People are getting sick and tired of SJWs who interpret every situation as needing justice, even if it's something as frivolous as a black dude who got a small coffee instead of the large they ordered.

The problem with SJWs in the 21st century isn't their intentions per se (social justice is inherently good), but rather the fact that their constant bickering does absolutely nothing to address or mitigate the REAL inequalities that exist in the world today. And I'm sure that 99% of SJWs have not even had any proper university education in the social sciences, so most of the things they say are coming from their ass. In reality, most SJWs are just on an ego trip, and take to Twitter to brandish their "wokeness".
What a SJW on Twitter would say: "OMFG so this white male employee at McDs gives me the wrong order and when I repeatedly asked for the right order, he became very angry. This is absolutely unacceptable, I am a black pansexual women and deserve to be treated better. #BLM"

What any normal person would say: "Had a bad experience at McDonald's where an employee got angry at me when I asked for the right order. I would've reported to the manager, but he was probably under a lot of stress and pressure so I understand."
by UltimateDoge March 10, 2021
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SJW AKA "Social Justice Warrior" used to be a positive title but is now more of a thing you would mockingly call someone who isn't actually as great as the title would suggest.

SJW's are usually seen as annoying, Probably white, egotistical, and idiotic people who get offended by every little thing and just absolutely love things like cancel culture using it to try and smite anyone that stands in they're way, until someone way bigger and intelligent then them shuts 'em down.
Haha that SJW is making a big deal out of nothing!
by Kinda_derpy_kinda_nooby July 31, 2021
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