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A girl who is Catholic, meaning she believes what the Apostles and/or Nicene Creed states.

Catholic girls are believed to have the "innocent sweet girl" image yet they have the "wild child" behavior. SOMETIMES this is true, but REAL Catholic girls know how to behave.
"Oh my gosh, buddy! Look! There's a Catholic girl across your house! Sweet!"

"Bad idea, buddy. Her millionaire father's the worst."
by xoxolilylovesyouxoxo May 02, 2007
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The reason how my brother passed his interview for his pre-med course.
Hey, buddy! Did you watch Grey's Anatomy last night?
by xoxolilylovesyouxoxo May 03, 2007
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white rapper
great father & uncle
powerful musician
Eminem won an award for his music yet he didn't even attend the event just so he could stay at home with his daughter.
by xoxolilylovesyouxoxo May 03, 2007
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A member of the 12 Apostles.

B - Bartholomew
A - Andrew
P - Peter, Phillip
T - Thomas, Thaddeus
J - James the great, James the less, John, Judas
S - Simon
M - Matthew, Matthias(who later replaced Judas)
John was the only Apostle who didn't die as a martyr.
by xoxolilylovesyouxoxo May 03, 2007
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Love Him, hate Him, don't believe in Him, whatever. When you pray to Him, your prayers are sometimes answered and sometimes not. His answers are "Yes", "No" or "Not now".

For all you people who think God isn't real just coz you can't hear Him talk: God talks to us in perfect silence. i know it sounds wierd, but that's what i learned from Doctrine classes.
"I pray to God everytime I get wasted in a party...sometimes I get in trouble and sometimes I don't, but I'm gonna have to accept the fact that I have caused Him great pain for getting wasted in the first place."
by xoxolilylovesyouxoxo May 03, 2007
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