When the Governor of Cali orders you to stay at home during COVID-19, so you are forced to do nothing and it is everything you ever hoped it would be.
The Governor issued a stay at home order, so now I have an excuse to sit on the couch with Ben, Jerry and watch Netflix and chill with my dog while maintaining a steady buzz thanks to legal cannabis!
by GlazeHer March 28, 2020
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It means stay inside your home and don’t go out and stay safe!
stay at home and help keep everyone safe (from the 2020 virus)
by Random user 4623 April 11, 2020
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A unemployed man who lives with his parents and has no motivation to improve his life by getting a job or education.
After graduating from high school, six years ago, my son now spends all of his time watching porn and surfing the internet. He is a stay at home son
by nelshane December 10, 2008
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A long term girlfriend who stays at your home. Similar to a stay at home mom or a housewife, with the exception that your not married & have no children. She cooks, cleans, plays with the dog, watches TV & fucks the shit out of ya when you come home. Typicly has the occasional part-time job, just to break up the boredom.

This does not mean some Gold digger or Skank who shacks up with you for a month or two, always bouncing from bed to bed with the frequency of a cheap Ham Radio.

The Stay At Home Girlfriend arrangement works as such: You pay all the bills & give her shoping money. She maintains your household & provides sexual favors. Works quite well really.
by Socata August 30, 2007
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A recent college graduate who has moved back home and is now cooking and running errands for his or her parents instead of working.
Keeks: So have you found a job yet?
Al: Ughh no, still a stay at home grad.
by someonePLEASEhireme July 19, 2009
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A. One who chooses to stay home and do "the most important job in the world" (caring for children) full time through a gross deposit of entitlement with no means of income of their own. B. One who feels and expresses to others that their role as a non-working parent makes them the most vital function in a family unit and possibly even the world. C. One's ex-wife.
"Ron told me the other day that I will need to get a job when the alimony ends next year. Obviously he doesn't appreciate that I do the most important job in the world. He deserves to pay me 2/3rds of his paycheck and continue to support all my wants and needs even though I wanted the divorce."

"I take on so much more than anyone could imagine. I couldn't possibly get a job - that would be selfish. I would not be able to volunteer at the church or bake cookies for my son's class. I would never have "me time" - naps, tanning, pedis, manis, botox - I need those things to stay sane and be a good mother. Nobody values Stay at Home Martyrs - our jobs are 24-7."
by Tululah July 25, 2009
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A mother that stays at her home during the day. Unemployed, usually with the husband supporting the family.

The main reason for being a stay-at-home mom is to raise children better.

see also: soccer mom.
Brent's mom is a stay at home mom, she makes awesome cookies for us sometimes!
by keith April 7, 2004
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