A member of the 12 Apostles.

B - Bartholomew
A - Andrew
P - Peter, Phillip
T - Thomas, Thaddeus
J - James the great, James the less, John, Judas
S - Simon
M - Matthew, Matthias(who later replaced Judas)
John was the only Apostle who didn't die as a martyr.
by xoxolilylovesyouxoxo May 3, 2007
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The bestest, most wonderful, leetest gamer and teacher there is!!!
Wow, that Apostle r0xers. He kills me every round
by Jarod July 26, 2004
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Someone who is affiliated to 12 Apostles (www.12-apostles.com) either by providing funding or supplying news on rock, roll and religious matters. All apostles have an additional signifyer relating to their geographic location.
Bow Apostle was discussing with Bondi Apostle about the bodacious story that Lancashire Apostle had posted on Peter Saville and Jacques Derrida.
by Ben July 17, 2003
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Street slang for a homosexual man who has a fetish for little boys
Awww man did see that story on CNN about that Apostle and that little kid last night?
by Scott Studda January 25, 2007
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The small furry animals referred to in the title of the Pink Floyd tune 'Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving With a Pict'
"What button do I press to play the Apostle song again, dude?"
by theNbomr July 6, 2005
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An acute condition that causes a sudden need to correct others and convince them of your moral superiority. Most commonly occurs in people who are convinced that their moral standards are absolute.
A person who sees themselves as a moral police officer... a moral apostle.
Someone makes a joke about something considered politically correct in the western world. A person affected by apostlitis will become enraged and launch into a tirade about how "wrong" this joke is.
by Secular Prophet November 13, 2010
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The Apostle of Payback — the sobriquet of Vladimir Putin given by Bill Burns, CIA boss.

When asked if Putin ever forgave anyone, Burns famously replied: “Yes, but not of everything.”

Many people who have opposed or humiliated Putin have died under “mysterious circumstance”.

The latest “fatality” is Wagner Group Leader Yevegney Prigozhin. On August 23rd 2023 a plane Prigozhin was on “fell out of the sky” killing everyone on board.

Revenge is a dish best served.


And, revenge is a dish best served ice cold.

Prigozhin’s plane “fell out of the sky” two months to the day from when he marched on Moscow in an apparent protest of the way the Ukrainian conflict was going. It was humiliating to Putin and the world took notice.

But, exactly two months later Putin said both “hold my vodka” and “ALLOW ME TO RETORT MOTHERFUCKER!!!!”

Game. Set. Match. Putin.

For now.
Vladimir Putin is the The Apostle of Payback; he may forgive; but, he never forgets. The man is like a Black Parent!!!!!
by Mind Hunter the Profiler August 24, 2023
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