A teenager, male or female, usually in the range of 13-16 years old, who likes to go wild and have a good time.
Their activities are not necessarily bad, but definately against the rules. Often sneak out of the house in the dead of night.
I was less a wild child and more of a depraved pyromaniac, burning down telephone poles on the weekends.
by Laocoon July 1, 2006
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a good teen gone bad without the rent's knowing exactally whats they're up 2.
she's such a wild child man
i know ay
by volkan 13 May 12, 2006
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A human child who has lived in social isolation from a very young age and therefore has no knowledge of the world, language, or social behavior. Some wild children have been neglected by insane parents; others are children who have grown up and survived in the wild. They are extremely rare, but when discovered, cause quite a sensation, esp with psychologists.

aka feral child, savage
'Viktor' was found in the woods in France around 1800. He apparently grew up alone as a savage in the wild.

'Genie' was found in 1970 in LA neglected for almost her entire 13 yr life stuck on a potty chair in a room.

In both cases, there was only partial success in trying to make these wild children 'normal.'
by thecarcass54 October 20, 2006
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A rambunctious young person or animal (such as a puppy or a kitten) who is uncontrollable and often destructive.
Sage: How are the kids doing? Are you able to put up with them?
Max: Barely. My three-year-old's been acting such a wild child lately.
by le_dictionary November 21, 2020
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People who during their youths were very adventurous and often participated in crazy activities but have since matured and have grown out of the so called "wild child" phase.
Someone not interested in college parties because they partied so much in high school.

"Don't you know? Insert name isn't going to the party because he/she is a retired wild child.
by Arcane Persona September 13, 2009
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The act of performing anal sex with a pregnant woman, in which the anal thrusting is so vigorous that labor is induced and the child is born. Note that it is recommended that the woman be in the reverse cow-girl orientation, so that her afterbirth does not contaminate the man's stomach.
With his pregnant wife two weeks overdue, Mr. Schmidt saved the day by performing the Walkerton Wild Child on an emergency room bed.
by BillGibbons April 11, 2011
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A state of being involving pushing one to his or her limits and going overboard. Letting ones hair down and getting buck wild in a social setting. Members often tags WCN in appropriate settings.
That guy took a shot of jack, threw up on his date, and punched the bouncer in the face. Talk about Wild Child Nation.
by Birdio April 27, 2012
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