A friendly, inquisitive alligator, he spends time in Palm Beach, hanging around with royalty, notably The Viscount. His spectacles give him a scholarly look, but his teeth are real.
Bartholomew lay next to The Viscount and waved his tail at Sabi, with all in the party basking in the sun.
by chasebetterthanone July 16, 2012
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Pronounced: Barthla--umm-Barthomaul---umm. Bar-tholo-mew

1.) a Biblical name, which is often miss pronounced by girls who are otherwise pretty and smart but still play stupid, little pigs (and I mean that literally).

2.) brother--I mean, sister, I think--of Marcellus and Amadeus (for AMADEUS refer to "1")

3.) a word that people who have names like "Victoria" and still choose to shorten them (to, for example, "Tori") would have difficulty pronouncing.
Tori, which is just a random name, cannot seem to say Bartholomew (Instead, she says, Barthla--umm-Barthomaul---umm. Bar-tholo-mew etc.), or say four letter words, in anger, without making everyone say, "Aww, she's so cute when she's pissed off."
by Lindon April 11, 2007
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bartholomew aka bart is a nice but also dirty minded coll guy he is easily trusting and easygoing person
by ddffffeerf April 14, 2021
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An absolute lad. Always has cracking banter wherever he is. Generally has short dark hair and a throbbing large penis. Usually laughs during funerals.
Look at that inconsiderate asshole laughing at the back there, he must be a Bartholomew.
by Bent Spoon March 28, 2019
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Bartholomew is a very smart person that brings good to all around him. He is very polite like a typical British person. Also, they are commonly known to grow up as a butler. A "Bartholomew" can be an extraordinary compliment to all those that wish to be smart. Large genitalia.
Oh boy, he is a real Bartholomew
by coOLBOY8mIneR January 14, 2019
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si chi mmmmm cazza b assessi b merité marwa bales byles
Bartholomew si chi mmmmm cazza b assessi b merité marwa bales byles
by Cazza B April 27, 2019
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A smart, handsome, and happy man. Cletus has gotten into countless colleges! He was posted on many instagram college pages. He was once on a news channel. Congratulations for graduating, Cletus!
Me: Dude, I saw Cletus Bartholomew on tv.
Ethan: Wow! Cool
by elliot😼 July 21, 2021
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