1- Person who suffers or dies for a belief, idea or cause.
2-(Figuratively) Person who suffers mistreatment
Despite reddit admin's current opression and censorship on loli content, Holofan4life rose up and was unjustly permanently banned. Loved by all, his ban has brought much distraught to the community. He has indeed become a true martyr.
by Friendly Snow Elf February 9, 2019
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1. One who chooses to suffer death rather than renounce religious principles.
2. One who makes great sacrifices or suffers much in order to further a belief, cause, or principle.

A great show of suffering in order to arouse sympathy.

To inflict great pain on.
Accidently like a martyr -Warren Zevon
by Cliff Dickens May 3, 2004
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A martyr is a person who dies fighting for what they believe in. A martyr can either kill themselves or be killed.

In the 19th Century, a woman in England named Emily Davison (A member of the suffragette party) becamame a matryr after killing herself by jumping infront of horses at the "Epson Derby".

Martyrs gain a lot of sympathy by the public for preforming such an act which is one of the main contributing factors as to why they do it in the first place.

Martin Luther King is a martyr as he died defending black peoples rights
by Acdc2693 November 8, 2007
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Someone who purposely takes on extra duties or unpleasant activity for the sake of attention and being able to complain about it.
1. Eli always volunteers to work late and then complains about it. He is such a martyr.
by Heat333 February 7, 2006
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A person whose life is so empty that they live to use their self-sacrifice as a weapon against you. In their neuropathological state they believe that by doing so this places them above you, whether intellectually, socially, financially etc.
A martyr always suffers from the 'Christ-Complex' a neurotic crusade (psychosis) that they feel empowers their otherwise meaningless & miserable existence.

Main weapons in the arsenal of the martyr include:

The guilt trip ( www.urbandictionary.com )

High explosives & nails. ( def:nailbomb www.urbandictionary.com )

Chances are that we ALL know a martyr. See if you can spot which of your 'friends' or work 'colleagues' is one.
Joe: "It's OK John, I don't mind cleaning up all your crap & covering for you while you go home early... again."
John: "Aw... you're a real FRIEND Joe! Thanks. How can my sick wife & I ever repay you?
Manager: "Are you STILL here Joe? Jeez, you're such a MARTYR"
Joe: "Yeah, I'm not feeling so good boss, but we're so short-staffed, what with JOHN GOING HOME EARLY that I thought I'd better stay & PICK UP ALL HIS SHIT... AGAIN.
John: "Hey boss, how are things at the office?"
Manager: "Better now that Joe has replaced you" "Did I mention that YOU'RE FIRED?"

Tourist: "Hello young man, that heavy coat looks very hot on a day like today!"
by $miffy June 9, 2007
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1. A person who seeks out and/or nurtures conflict within their life.

2. A person who creates drama in their life where there was none before.

Often describes an attention whore or a pity whore, who find pleasure in lording their pain over others and garnering support because of it. A martyr seeks out and revels in personal conflict so as to have an excuse to be angry.
1. Mary bought her husband a lifetime pass to Fantasy Football Camp, even though she hates football and hates when he leaves the house for a long time. She yells at him all the time because he goes. She's such a martyr.

2. Bob always takes my comments the wrong way. Why, just the other day I said his tie looked nice, and he said, "Nice? Why not great? Do you think it's ugly? Why do you hate my clothes? Why do you hate me?" Then he told everyone I was rude to him. What a martyr!
by Wallbridge September 20, 2005
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Being a martyr shows how much religion can be a waste of time and harmful to the individual.
by Kiss My Ass, Religion June 10, 2010
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