Any caucasian individual who has the ability to rap/MC. Most white rappers are underground. And Vanilla Ice isn't a white rapper, he's a pop artist. ICP aren't rappers either, they suck...
Beastie Boys, Eminem, Paul Wall, R.A. The Rugged Man, Aesop Rock, El-P, Cage, Copywrite, King Dom, Catalyst(?), Mr. Eon, Yak Ballz, Slug, Eyedea, Sage Francis, Brother Ali, Vinnie Paz, Planetary, Crypt The Warchild, Esoteric, Celph Titled, Mike Apathy, Necro, Ill Bill, Goretex, Sabac Red, Mad Child, Moka Only(?), and Bishop Brigante are all white rappers.
by Eeyore Goines June 23, 2005
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ok let me get the facts strait black,white,chinese,paki whatever race it doesnt mean that you originaly start off as a bad rapper and "only a few becomes good" wtf is that ppl just think just becuz your white or what not it means you cant rap?? look at ma black dudes half ov em cant rap it doesint mean if your this color or that color that its gonna change who u really gon b man everybody goes thru shit... some rappers b sayin "ohh yea im the 2nd best WHITE rapper eminems the best" nah man dont go that way say " yeaa ima try to be the best MC"and not putting your self in that class so think bout it man...
just one interesting facts some ov you guys might ov heard allready EMINEM(white) probly one ov the best rapper and TIGER WOODS(black) probly one ov the best really whos stoppin who...yes there is more blk ppl in the industry and less white guys but that doesnt mean they all suck.. you need to wake up man tired ov this bullshit commin around hear it everyday ...just becuz some white kids gonna rap you immidiatly think "haha dis guys is wack man look hes a poser hahah" GOTTA PUT AN END TO THIS NONSENCE vote this up if your with me... this is very racist when you think bout it man let everybody DO what they wanna do n that it man and if your good then your up for bussines..what else can i say??

"had to say white rapper in the example"i hav to use it in a sentence
by Sho-T July 8, 2006
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A person who's complexion is or similar to the color white, and has the ability to rap(make music that is about or resembles the hip-hop culture).
Every type of music is a different form of rapping, it almost doesn't matter what type of music. It can be rock, r and b, or even "yes" country. How you can tell is you listen to the music for what it is and depict the lyrics in it for yourself. Also, modern day Hip-hop or Rap was started by the black culture and came from the urban cities. Rap has grown to a point that it really doesn't matter what you skin color its about your talent and the truth of your material. So whether your a White Rapper, Latino Rapper, or Black rapper, it's all the same. Your race doesn't make you better it's all in the mind.
by Jordan D.H. July 31, 2006
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White rapper, do we really need a definition?
White rapper, Moka only looks mixed to me, dont forget about pioneers like Tony D!
by darealmanatarms February 24, 2006
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A person, usually male, with european decent that expresses themselve by rhyming over a beat otherwise known as rapping. Often mistooken as Wankster's and Wigger's by Stereotypical Faggots, when most of them dont even act gangster or black. Dont judge a book by its cover.
Eminem is a very talented white rapper and he is not a wigger in any shape form, he knows that he is white. He grew up in Detroit so if he actually did act like that he would have the right to.

Vanilla Ice is an untalented white rapper who is a wigger who did not grow up in a city and grew up in a suburb. He does not have a right to act like this.
by I am a White Rapper September 5, 2009
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A male that is of caucasion background who is a success in a different races musical culture and in SOME instances better!
Have you ever seen a white rapper so good?
by LAZY J March 17, 2006
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