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The most dreadful word in nuclear physics.
OOPS!!! (Chernobyl, 26.04.86; Chelyabinsk-40, 29.09.57; Three Mile Island, 28.03.79; etc)
by ex-physicist May 13, 2008
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1. (used to express mild dismay, chagrin, surprise, etc., as at one's own mistake, a clumsy act, or social blunder.)

2. Word that comes to mind after living a YOLO/ "Cause I'm young lifestyle" and it catches up to them.

3. Word used to describe in hindsight of ones mistakes.
Facebook Status: 6:31pm-Parents are out of town, party at my place, BYOB and tree #YOLO

10 or so mip's later

Facebook Status: 11:15pm OMG Party shut dwn by da po po's. #OOPS
by RustyPineapple April 04, 2012
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Parent to child: WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT FOR?!?!?
child: ..oops..
by Hannah Banana April 01, 2004
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The last thing you want to hear from a surgeon.
Medical Intern: Now, I just make an incision in the -- oops! I forgot the anesthetic!
by PresterJohn May 10, 2011
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The exclamation made after saying something inappropriate, offensive, or insulting.
oop- i just farted

I yelled oop after making an anti-semetic joke, because Lindsay is an orthodox Jew

Joyce says patent pending after every oop, because she came up with it
by gormonater December 09, 2009
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(v) to engage in sexual intercourse with the intent, unbeknownst to the partner, of causing a pregnancy. This word is used specifically in instances where one partner believes that birth control is intact or being used, while the other has damaged/removed birth control without the knowledge or consent of the first partner, for an ulterior motive such as forcing the partner into a shotgun wedding situation as a means of securing the partner as a mate, or producing a child that the partner does not yet/ever want. This may include but is not limited to intentionally missing the Pill, removing diaphragms, or poking holes in a condom. Although more commonly done by women, men have also engaged in oopsing.
Oopsing involves an obscene abuse and betrayal of the partner's trust, not to mention the objectification of the partner into someone whose plans to remain childless, for whatever reason, no longer matter. Oopsing is thusly one of the most disgusting acts imaginable, and ought to be a prosecutable offence.
'How could you oops your lover? Shame on you for stooping to such betrayal!'
by Child Hatter May 08, 2003
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