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don't believe all those other little girls who gave their definitions of tripe.

tripe is stomach lining of animals. it's delicious stuff, a nice chewy alternative to all the other stuff out there. goes great with vietnamese pho, and it's awesome as a chinese stir-fry.
tripe is delicious and goes well with sriracha chili sauce.
by j.m.f. November 19, 2007
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Offal taken from the stomachs of various animals.
Tastes good, even when plain.
Don't listen to the definitions involving sexual topics; grow up.
I like cow tripe with chili garlic sauce.
by *censored* November 14, 2007
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contemptible or worthless material(from a term for the stomache lining of an animal used for food as such foodsuffs are held in low regard)
If you really think you need this tripe you need a life.
by The Return of Light Joker July 01, 2009
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To talk Tripe: another way of talking complete crap or something disgusting.

Tripe: a replacement word for shit when used for someone's speech.

(I made it up coz Tripe sounds like nasty dog food, haha)
Person 1: "I'm so great. I can do anything I want, sleep with anyone I want & get whatever I want... I can also get you into any club anywhere!"!

Person 2: "Quit talking tripe.. You ain't ish!"
by Felix Maughan August 27, 2006
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slang for guts. i cant put it any other way. damn dictionary n its minimum 20 letters requirement
they're on you and your tripes are round your neck (its from weapons training)
by Catch Phrase August 01, 2006
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