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noun - 1. an invisible and often malevolent entity that can only originate from the human rectum; the common fart generally lies dormant until the host expels it.

verb - 1. to forcefully expel or passively allow a unit of gaseous particles from one's rectum.
aka, "blasting the butt trumpet"
His metal chair only served to amplify the mighty fart he emitted.
by What May 10, 2004

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a response to anything being said to you, when you just don't want to listen, and/or just don't care what is being said to you.
Jeff: Hey man, saying what all the time is going to make you brain turn to mush.

Brad: What?
by what November 10, 2003

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The color one's penis becomes when they are masturbating and suddenly become enraged
John: Dude I was jerking off yesterday when I found out Becky was cheating on me and my dick turned a weird shade of red.

Brandon: Sounds like Raging Erection Red to me.
by wHaT February 12, 2014

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An ill-advised story told in a situation that almost guarantees a lawsuit.
"We all try to nail the deaf chicks." "I can't believe you said that, Roacher!"
by What October 15, 2004

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A poorly executed piece of humor; A failed attempt at making one's peers enjoy your company.
"David pulled a Roacher whilst telling everyone about his trip to camp."; "Man, you just pulled a real Roacher"
by What October 15, 2004

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twatular (Pronunciation: tw├Ąt-ty&-l&r) - adj; twat-like; having the qualities commonly associated with a twat.

His behavior is rather twatular when he gets drunk, as he tries to pick fights with everyone around him.
by What August 12, 2006

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