A sure fire way to create contempt amongst a sales team.
The AMPlifier makes me hate my job.
by choicer April 22, 2009
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a platform to direct sales and Account Management Process responsibilities that relies on business intelligence and targeted marketing campaigns.

The concept was created in April of 2008 and later branded as AMPlifier in July of that year by a creative and forward thinking group of interested parties.
"My pipeline for new biz is HUGE this quarter, AMPlifier has been coming up BIG for me."
by streamcrosserSCC April 9, 2009
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When something is "amplified" it's very warm of very cold. An exaggeration of temperature.
"Dude, I'm sweating out here!"
"Yea, it's so amplified."

"I'm wearing layers today!"
"The weather is very amplified indeed"
by Weaselman53 December 29, 2011
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A Toilet: because of echo made when you involuntarily fart while in the sitting position.
Nick: Jeez, that curry was a hot one last night, I think I'm gonna go play some tunes on the Arse Amplifier
James: Don't sit there too long, you may get a dose of Bog Leg
by Streaker30 June 1, 2009
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when a woman puts a mega phone on her vagina and a man puts his face on the end of it and she she releases genital flatulence into the mega phone.
man, that tart deafened me with that amplified queef last night.
by grant foster November 9, 2011
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