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A poorly executed piece of humor; A failed attempt at making one's peers enjoy your company.
"David pulled a Roacher whilst telling everyone about his trip to camp."; "Man, you just pulled a real Roacher"
by wHaT October 15, 2004
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An ill-advised story told in a situation that almost guarantees a lawsuit.
"We all try to nail the deaf chicks." "I can't believe you said that, Roacher!"
by wHaT October 15, 2004
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The color one's penis becomes when they are masturbating and suddenly become enraged
John: Dude I was jerking off yesterday when I found out Becky was cheating on me and my dick turned a weird shade of red.

Brandon: Sounds like Raging Erection Red to me.
by wHaT February 13, 2014
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smoke cigarettes; to smoke massive quantities of cigarettes while pounding some beers or alcohol of some sort
Hey, Grant do you want to come over and pound some beers, and beat some heats tonight?
by wHaT November 10, 2003
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Maths nerds making a joke out of some line from George Orwell's 1984
"Well *actually* 2 + 2 could = 5 !"

*pathetic nerd eagerly waits for confused stares to reinstate his superiority
by wHaT March 25, 2005
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Everybody have them.
by wHaT February 14, 2005
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