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(1)the transitional statement used when a conversation has been exhausted of its interest. (2) the call for a change of subject.
by webster September 29, 2003
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1. An exceptional programmer known for breaking into some of the worlds most guarded systems by finding and executing new vulnerbilities on the fly.

2. This hax0r who is 13373r +h4n j00
Logging into CIA.gov...
Access Granted.
by webster November 03, 2003
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Individuals who take an issue and stick with it or protest it for about a week; a mob of liberal environmentalists concerned about everything but doing little about it
As you walked around the anti-globalization protest, you could hear the animal rights cause-heads chanting "Save the whales!"
by webster September 30, 2004
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Michael felt the urge to defecate and promptly produced a cave buffalo.
by webster April 20, 2004
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the gal with a heart soo big it's gonna explode, but the stoopidity, well let's just say it's like eating shit out of a loyal dinna plate
by webster September 14, 2003
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Greek: Truly, sure, of a truth, solemnly (amaen)
Verbal Adjective: firm, faithful
Conclusionary clause: so it is, so be it, may it be fulfilled

Hebrew (Aramaic): Conclusionary: So be it. Verbal Adjective: Faithful, firm.

English: Conclusionary word signaling the completion of a prayer (word, Greek: logos).
Amaen Amaen lego humin, "Truly Truly I say to you (plural)"
by webster November 02, 2004
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1. A gang of fat boys from Belfry Kentucky.
2. To Describe Someone who is fat
1. The Brotherhood of Tha Phat are having a meeting.
2. That guy looks like he belongs to the Brotherhood of tha Phat.
by webster January 25, 2003
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