"I went to Wharton."
"You're hired! How does six figures sound?"
by Zack Y April 7, 2006
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Business school of the University of Pennsylvania. It is like no other. This isn't just any undergraduate business degree, this is a WHARTON degree, and Wharton students happen to be some of the smartest, quickest students in the Ivy League.

You receive a B.S. in Economics. B.S. stands for Badass Stockbroker.

Basically guaranteed six figures all in straight out of undergrad.

Ballin' on Wall Street in NYC.

All in all, the most badass school you can go to. Wharton people don't take shit from anybody.
Person 1: Who's that guy in the Lamborghini with a superhot wife?

Person 2: Oh that's Joe. Do you remember how we thought he was stupid in college because he was going to a state school for an undergraduate business degree?

Person 1: Oh yeah, that's before we knew that he was going to Wharton, and that Penn is different from Penn State.

Person 2: He must be doing pretty well for himself now.
by Whartonite October 30, 2012
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Small ass town in new jersey near dover. the schools are terrible,the girls think they are all that,and stuck up people. not the best place if your looking for a nice quiet town either.
friend: dude that girl totally moved to wharton
guy: oh that sucks. she better be ready to not sleep at all.
by thatgirlbvbfan March 12, 2011
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verb, (rarely used as an adjective)

Definition: To use an in-depth knowledge of business tactics, manipulation, underhanded operations, and outright treachery to appropriate the hard-earned and rightful gains of another.
That fucking jewish man Whartoned me so hard; I no longer have any posessions. Wait, did I just pay 10 dollars for this coffee...?

by Jon Huntsman November 3, 2006
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A person who fishes right on top of you they are normally seen anywhere from opening day till the early days of summer only on weekends and in good weather. Usually smoking they use a little tackle box and a old ugly stik and leave there trash everywhere. The name is derived from Wharton brook state park a Connecticut stocked fishery where most of the people suck at fishing and are scumbags.
Yea me and Nathan were fly fishing and we had a Wharton brooker next to us in the pool he crossed our lines and spooked all the trout in the pool.
by Fly fishing frank June 9, 2022
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J-Rod: "Wharton Records?! That’s only the best undergraduate record label in the world!"
by V for V-Unit December 3, 2006
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