A man with hidden pain but yet holds himself.
“He’s such an oni

Do you like the stars oni?”
by Azu.ki January 7, 2021
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japanese word for demon or devil
that is one evil oni
by Oni-sama August 9, 2003
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Meaning sweet, kind caring and compassionate. She is smart, beautiful and will make an amazing friend.
I just became friends with Oni
by LikeTotes324 November 8, 2013
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1.Japanese Devil or Demon usually pink or purple in colour, they're tall, strong, ugly and stupid.

2.An underrated shoot 'em up for the Playstation2.
1.That Oni bit off my arm.

2.I played Oni on my PS2 last night.
by lordpestilence July 14, 2005
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1. A game created by Bungie west studios. It featured a revolutionary blend of hand to hand combat and shooting.

2. Any game that is awesome, but gains bad reviews, and/or is abandoned for the sake of a Microsoft(TM) related project.
"Wow, this game is awesome! It will probably end up being another Oni".
by Onimotoko April 1, 2011
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Theres the beginner, light, heavy, and then the oni mode
by Victor December 14, 2003
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$ony has taken micro$oft's place in issuing the new world order
by rek-cram February 1, 2011
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