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Used to describe an uneducated and idiotic man, usually of the homosexual kind.
Dude, your Mech312.
I just pulled a Mech312!!
by Webster July 29, 2003
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A description of a black person who acts very cool and self-confident; originated from Dave Chappelle's imitation of Rick James.
Rick was hittin' on the girls and bein' mad niggerish, which was right up my alley.
by Webster April 19, 2004
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1. A secret weapon
2. An unsure circumstance in a given situation

This phrase was used, although not widely, in the 60's and has made a comeback in white supremacist groups recently.
1. Team Captain: We're losing badly, what's the plan?
Basketball Coach: Well, they seem to know all of our plays. Let's have "Too Tall" run the #2 pick and roll with "Tiny"
Team Captain: Damn, we've practised all season, no we're finally gonna use the nigger in the woodpile.
2. I've seen the flop, the bend, and the river, and i like my pocket 10's, but something tells me he's got niggers in the woodpile...I fold.
by Webster January 29, 2005
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Bolt newbie who is trying to make it as a "1337" "h4x0r" but has a long road ahead. LieutenantX generally bows to all those he looks up to and/or wants to secretly give head to.
<LieutenantX>your so 1337 dano, how do you do it?!
<Chill_Pill>Just cuzz bitch, kthx
<LieutenantX>*gives you head*
by Webster March 1, 2003
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n. (lip lI'-ner) - for women, a frontal wedgie caused by the natural rise and snuggling of a string thong between the vulvae

(as opposed to a camel toe caused by outer wear ride ups)

v. - to give a female a lip liner
Ex 1: When Jess got a call, momentarily distracting her, Eric ran up and gave her a lip liner.

Ex 2: Spinning gives me lip liners... bad!
by Webster April 5, 2005
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