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A particularly soft bowel movement, usually diarrhea-like.
After a hard night of drinking, I was a butt mud factory.
by Webster April 19, 2004
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(1)the transitional statement used when a conversation has been exhausted of its interest. (2) the call for a change of subject.
by Webster September 30, 2003
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when passing your wife in the hallway and you both utter "fuck you". Not as pleasurable as most other forms of sex.
"Fuck you" she said, "Fuck you" he said.
by Webster October 15, 2003
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When you flick a giant booger on someones car headlights.
James: "Danya said you were late today."
Derek: "He's a chump, I gave him the green lantern anyway!"
James: "Hahahahaha!"
Derek: "Bwahahahaa!"
by Webster April 1, 2003
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I just couldn't take it anymore, time to recycle her ass!
by Webster November 25, 2004
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word used by loser 7th grade kids and trailor trash to try and sound black
Guy#1 "Hey, can I borrow a quarter"

Guy#2 " Fersheezy"

Guy#1 *(slaps guy #1 and steals his wallet and any loose change)*
by Webster August 3, 2004
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