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Word commonly used by teenyboppers in IM conversations even though they have no clue what it means.
Some guy: Hey, whats your phone number?
Teenybopper: idk
Some guy: What the fuck is an idk???
Teenybopper: I dont know
Some guy: If you dont know what it means then why the hell did you say it??
Teenybopper: Uhh.... (Teenybopper has signed off at 14:42)
by towel401 September 23, 2004

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President of "Yankee land" who likes to kill people & give money to rich people
George Dubya Douche is living up to his name and is bombing another country with his nucular weapons of mass disruption - all in the interest of the economy.. And God??
by towel401 February 17, 2005

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Where they make criminals sit and wait for about 30 years knowing that eventually someone will come in and hand them "how would you like to be killed, chose from 4 painless methods" brochure and that they will eventually be systematically killed in a dressed up ceremony.
I wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy.
by towel401 October 04, 2004

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Something that all electronic manufacturers like to put on their products nowadays so they will "do their little bit for the industry"

The DRM feature is actually no use to you but people still buy it because all the companies get together and say "we will put DRM on all the products we can from now on"

A little pesky feature that only helps out the content industry but not the person owning it.
Normally you can do what you like with any product you buy, unless it has DRM in which case it will do what the content industry wants it to do as opposed to the person who owns it.
You go into a shop, pay £400 for a brand new iProd to find out that it doesnt do what you want it to do (copy songs??) even though your the one who paid £400 for it. Instead it helps out the recording industry and guess how much they paid for your iPod?? NOTHING! It isnt theirs, but the DRM "helps them out" anyway
by towel401 August 05, 2004

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Piece of toilet paper excuse for a law that makes it illegal to tamper with your own goods. Also provisions for internet censorship.

Pure evil
Hey I just made my DVD player region free.. I know its illegal under the DMCA but who cares, I dont live in a country where they make such stupid laws

Hey I dont like what it says on this website, Ill claim the stuff on it is my intellectual property and have the site shut down
by towel401 September 14, 2004

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Cheap politically incorrect magazine for young sluts and whores which encourages teenybopperism and prepares young girls for a life as corporate whores. also claims its okay to be a slut, smoke weed, cut yourself, etc..
some guy: Katy reads cosmopolitan
other guy: Hmm.. that explains why shes such a slut
by towel401 September 22, 2004

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A right wing government's blatent way of squandering hard earned tax payer's money by freely giving it to the big corporations they worship so much
Usually we would do this by hiring diggers at ridiculous prices from plant hire firms to fix up the roads, but since all the roads are fixed now and we have no excuse to give the plant hire firm more money we will just put it into corporate welfare
by towel401 September 18, 2004

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