Prostitute, Hooker, Ho, Slut, Provider. Is a girl who receive pre payment for sexual favors
Hey bro let's call those prepaids tonite because for that money they have sex with us all night long
by Dany010 January 27, 2008
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Buying minutes before you go over and running up a huge bill. Usually costing over 10cents a minute with no weekend or after nine minutes freebies.
Nigga"aiight aiight just call me after nine, shit it doesn't matter im on prepaid.
white girl "ewww dont talk to me your poor"
-damn prepaid sux
by rebecka rose wicker nucca January 16, 2009
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Of or relating to fabrication. Being fake infront of or near others. Not keping it 100%.
Pellegrino: Excuse me miss, why dont you come over and we could have some fun with my 12 inch penis.
Mary: SMH. look here, i dont have time for you bum ass prepaid niggas. i need a man who is real and keeps it 100.
by BlackMoe December 26, 2011
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When your pre-paid game card in a MMO game expires. Taken from Illidan's phrase "You are not prepared!"
Logging in...
Error! You are not prepaid!"
by i44 April 18, 2009
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