A sexual word meaning sex. Typically learned in middle or highschool. Originated at Yelir High School in Ados, California.
She met me with a systematically planned response last night when I asked her what she enjoyed
by tarakam1234 February 27, 2011
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The wonderful 11-year-old brilliant pixel-artist.
Gee, systematic is so cool!
by Junny Liu April 10, 2004
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A phrase meaning "yes." Coined by Willie James Huff, better known as Funky Chicken and Alah Rackbar.
Waco: "Willie, you kinda spit when you talk, man."

Willie: "That's that's that's the Holy Spirit. I don't spit it."

Waco: "So, that's the Holy Spirit spitting on you?"

Willie: "Automatically systematic."
by MofistolRobinson March 26, 2009
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Currently (June 2007), the newest album by progressive metal band Dream Theater. It consists of 8 tracks and is the first album recorded with DTs new label, Roadrunner Records.

1. In the Presence of Enemies - Part I
2. Forsaken
3. Constant Motion
4. The Dark Eternal Night
5. Repentance
6. Prophets of War
7. The Ministry of Lost Souls
8. In the Presence of Enemies - Part II
You ought to buy Systematic Chaos!
by fretfire! June 18, 2007
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When white liberals blame the evil white man for everything, usually for the problems that their failed policies created.
William: "Damn, my property taxes are going up a lot." Josh:"That's because of systematic racism." William:"But I'm white." Josh:"Then your a racist bastard" William:"You're white too. What are you." Josh:"I'm jewish, how dare you cause me of being a racist you Nazi."
by Mikey G6 March 19, 2021
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A super gay slasher band formed in gary, indiana in june of 1984. the city has reeked of eggs, sweat, and industrial byproduct ever since.
Cops took my boombox for blasting Systematic OverDrive in the mall parking lot.

I need the auto reverb because i cant be switching tapes while im jogging listening to Systematic OverDrive drinkin my sip
by Phil Richardson March 17, 2010
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A three word term a mountain lion can't read, though a human being can.
A bullshit women's liberator calls what some guy does systematic magical bullshit because she's fearful of anything she does not know or can't explain with science, and always was fearful of such things and people.
by Solid Mantis August 28, 2018
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