Digital *Restrictions* Management.

Policy/Code that restricts usage of media that you "own".
You buy a CD. You copy its tracks to your computer. DRM steps in and restricts how you use those tracks -- you can only play the song XX times, you can't send it to anyone, you can't copy it to your portable audio player, etc.
by Anonymous Coward May 3, 2003
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Digital Rights Management or, more correctly, Digital Restrictions Management.

Any of the group of technologies intended to supress piracy by imposing use restrictions on all copies of a given product. The reason why most of people download their songs off eMule instead of buying the CDs. One of the most braindead ideas in the history of computing. Encourages piracy by making the pirated product more valuable than the legal one. While DRM significantly hurts the average user by restricting his/her use of the product, it is only a minor nuisance to those it is intended against (crackers, pirates etc.). Object of religious veneration among the entertainment industry despite its complete ineffectiveness.

Enhanced DRM enforcement is the core feature of Windows Vista, which makes it ca. 30% slower than XP.
This new CD of mine is DRM'd and I can't put the tracks in my MP3 player
by Tweenk May 4, 2007
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Digital Rights Management, or some crap that means you can't actually use the shit you buy how you want to
This stupid DRM album crashed my computer!
by the gobbler October 3, 2002
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Digital Restrictions/Rights Management

Also can stand for Doesn't Really Matter. Seeing as how DRM can be cracked within the same day of an items release that has it.
Dude, someone just cracked *Enter game here*, and it was just released today! Makes me wonder why they even bother putting DRM on it anyway.
by YataG May 24, 2010
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Draconian Revenue Management,

Illegal spyware added to (legally) downloaded content by record/ movie companies, worried about their dwindling profits.
The DRM means that I can only watch the movie I paid $10 for, once. Arseholes >:(
by jd_060 March 18, 2007
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Digitally Restrictive Measures. While originally promoted as Digital Rights Management, this was in fact a publicly friendly term that misleads. The entire subject is build around stopping the use of the software and/or it's distribution. Thus Digitally Restricted Measures serves as a warning to the public of it's true nature. Also the word Management may be useful to the creators but not to the end user. Measures puts it in perspective. See the example for what a DRM means to end users.
The product has a warning on it's side that says it "Comes with a DRM that will limit what you can do with it. Including if it will work at all. Also that after you get it to work, should anything change about the devise the product is running or playing on, it may cease to function and you possibly may never get it to work again. Purchase at our own risk."
by Scottmana July 12, 2008
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Digital Rights Management

This program stops the owner of music from passing it on or puting it to other computers. it can only stay on that computer.
I tried transferring music to my iPod, but DRM stopped me
by AznDRaGoN! April 24, 2005
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