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Greeting girls use when starting a text or IM conversation with a guy they like.
Dude, she sent 'heyy' with two y's. She definitely wants my penis.
by Princess Pansy October 07, 2010
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She wants the dick nigga!
Slut#1: Heyy
Guy#1: Yo
Guys friend#1: yo she wants the dick bruh
by Poon_slayer69 November 11, 2014
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pre-teen and teenage girls usually add extra endings to their words, a fad that started with myspace shit, and now if you type in 'hi' in AIM, you will get "heyyyyy" as a response. it's bastardizing the English language.
Tom: Hi Emily!

Emily:oo heyyyyy

Tom: ...I thought you were an English major

Emily: omg ur a fucking jerkkk

Tom: hmm...Jerk KKK? is that a hidden message that your in the kkk...?

Emily: wait...whattttt

by Farahd May 24, 2008
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a more sexual version of hey,
don't get confused with heey which is a more friendly version of hey and has no sexual reference.
watch out though it could just be a spelling error.
Austin;hey whats up
Sarah;heyy, nm taking a shower
Austin; cool, can I come over later?
Sarah;Can you come now? i have a surprise for you
by A. VanDerStarren March 22, 2009
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A stupid way that near-pubescent girls adress you in any case that involves typing.
Girl: "heyy! u wana go outwith me?"
Kid: "No thanks, I'm gay."
by Jimmison August 02, 2006
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