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Complete ineptitude at providing a product suitable for use in any way shape or form. Alternative meaning: Broadband at 64bps - 15kbps
Mike: I'm stuck in a 2 year contract with a company that spends all their money on advertising products that they never actually develop. and sorry I didn't get that email you sent me last year because I'm still waiting on the hotmail sign in page to load.

Paul: Ah! You stupid fucker! You signed up with vodafone didn't you? Their idea of broadband is a piece of string with a tin can tied to each end. You'd be better of sending a letter via post to the internet company so they can send you a print out of the web page you're trying to view. You'd save yourself so much time.

Mike: Useless fuckers
by Dorian81 April 14, 2008
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A shit mobile phone company whoring its unworthy wares like an eastern european prostitute.
Welcome to Vodafone. We have your bank details now, so be prepared to lose a lot of money.
by Captain Freedom August 03, 2003
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12p a text, 12 fuckin pence, i hate them
by JimmyK September 18, 2003
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A horrible mobile phone company that mainly targets their advertising at businesses because they know their prices are too high

they have also done the following evil things

>> Took over Eircell, a perfectly good Irish owned phone company, put up the prices, flooded all of ireland with horrible red advertising which hurts my eyes. When vodafone took over I noticed the company's service go down the tube. Eircell had free texts on xmas day, good customer service, had a nice website where you could download free ringtones and such but this was all ended when the evil bastards vodafone took over.

>> For some reason SFR is till called SFR even though vodafone owns it, every other company they take over they change the name, except for SFR cause the French know their scumbags :)

>> Hand out locked, vodafone-branded 3G datacards which are only for businesses.

>> Have recently discovered DRM like many other large companies

>> Decided they would put an extra fee on texting abroad, then started advertising it was "only 25 cent" while all along it was 14, like other texts which was also a rip off.

>> Have almost completely given up on the prepaid teenybopper market because their prices are too high

>> Only supply 3G to businesses?? WTF is with this?
some guy: I tried to call you 10 times yesterday but your phone was off
other guy: Sorry mate, I got a new number, I was sick of getting ripped off by vodafone
by towel401 September 22, 2004
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A lame wireless carrier that:

1) Sells phones that have all the cool features disabled, like Bluetooth file transfer (so that you will use their MMS service instead and pay), ability to load your own ringtones and java apps (so that you will buy the ones from their vodafone live portal) and WiFi tethering (so that you will buy a seperate contract for your laptop). Vodafone-hijacked phones look exactly like the non-hijacked ones available from other carriers, so be aware. The trend has also expanded to Android smartphones.

2) Sells contracts and prepaid that have the highest rates among the industry, but thanks to clever advertising and special packages with too many fine print they occasionally offer, guilible people think they are the cheapest carrier or just as cheap as the other carriers.

3) Has branches in practically every European country, but for some reason they charge you with roaming fees as if those branches were independent carriers. So, roaming isn't an excuse for choosing Vodafone.
Vodafone is the AT&T of Europe, 'nuff said.
by Dim_K November 18, 2011
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