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Ofcourse the ignorant outsider will see Amsterdam as one of the few places in the world where prostitution and smoking pot are legal. However, the capitol of The Netherlands is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, with a very rich tradition. The city center consists of mainly warehouses built a few hundred years ago. It was that the ships set out to explore the Americas and the far east. Nowadays, people are among the best English speakers in Europe and the city is one of the safest places I know. It's a multicultural example for the rest of the world.
Amsterdam was a thriving city when New York was a puddle of mud - and it shows.
by Rubbaduck January 28, 2004
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Adult disney land. Magical place full of cool friendly people. Best place ive ever visted.
Waving bags of weed around in a police station and not getting in trouble for it. for real i did this and it felt great.
by sja March 01, 2004
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Capital of The Netherlands, known as Jamaica of Europe because of it's tolerant (soft)drugs policy. The best example for any major city and an extremely nice place to be at.
My time in Amsterdam was really fucking great, I only wish I'd remembered something
by Jan-Peter Balkenende April 08, 2004
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The Capital of the Netherlands. Most known as the Jamaica of Europe, because of the legalization of marijuana. The government in Amsterdam differentiates marijuana from other hard drugs (cocaine, heroin, crack, etc) Other things that are legal are prostitution, (selling sex for money) Euthanasia, (assisted suicide) and absinthe. (a drink illegal in America, because it causes you to hallucinate) Amsterdam is famous for its red light district. The people are known for speaking English very well, as well as Dutch. To Americans it seems like heaven!
by <julien> January 13, 2007
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The greatest place in the world where everyone chill and happy. if you are an angry american you don't belong there
I love amsterdam. weed is legal and so is prostitution. its the happiest place in the world
by happiness fairy September 14, 2008
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The birth place of triple X. Contrary to popular believe, XXX by definition has nothing to do with anything extreme and/or pornographic.

The crosses make up the center of the crest of the city of Amsterdam, a crest that dates back to the late 1200s. They are Saint Andrew crosses (Amsterdam was mainly Catholic back then), and they protect the city against floods (water), fire and disease (the plague). In the Middle Ages, those were the biggest dangers in any city.

The three crosses can been seen throughout the city - on anti-parking poles lining the streets, on churches, on bridges, etc. Arguably, the abundance of triple X in a city infamous for its Red Light District, has led to a warped meaning of an essentially noble symbol.

crest, extreme, Amsterdam, pornographic, water
by Thorgal December 17, 2007
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