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A horrible mobile phone company that mainly targets their advertising at businesses because they know their prices are too high

they have also done the following evil things

>> Took over Eircell, a perfectly good Irish owned phone company, put up the prices, flooded all of ireland with horrible red advertising which hurts my eyes. When vodafone took over I noticed the company's service go down the tube. Eircell had free texts on xmas day, good customer service, had a nice website where you could download free ringtones and such but this was all ended when the evil bastards vodafone took over.

>> For some reason SFR is till called SFR even though vodafone owns it, every other company they take over they change the name, except for SFR cause the French know their scumbags :)

>> Hand out locked, vodafone-branded 3G datacards which are only for businesses.

>> Have recently discovered DRM like many other large companies

>> Decided they would put an extra fee on texting abroad, then started advertising it was "only 25 cent" while all along it was 14, like other texts which was also a rip off.

>> Have almost completely given up on the prepaid teenybopper market because their prices are too high

>> Only supply 3G to businesses?? WTF is with this?
some guy: I tried to call you 10 times yesterday but your phone was off
other guy: Sorry mate, I got a new number, I was sick of getting ripped off by vodafone
by towel401 September 22, 2004

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Any person who supports, does not have a problem with drm this includes pushing for new laws to mandate drm on products or supporting drm in any way. Anyone who buys protected content when there is an unprotected alternative available is also a drm worshipper.
Orrin asshatch, the european union, george w bush, fritz hollings, bill gates.

I caught sam downloading from iTunes, gawd shes such a drm worshipper
by towel401 August 05, 2004

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Person who thinks that large corporations are the best thing since sliced pan

A corporate whore has the following characteristics

>> Works excessive overtime without getting paid extra

>> Beleives that all or most advertising from big corporations is true

>> Actually buys all their cd's, movies, software

>> Is extremely honest when dealing with big companies, eg: when the ATM machine hands out 20 instead of 10 they bring it back because they think the banking industry will suffer if they dont.

>> Refuses to use P2P, linux or any other open source software, only buys music from major labels

>> Easily fooled into buying things from info mercials, diet pills and outrageously prices beauty products that havnt even been proven to work

>> Support their company in every way they can, attend their bosses dinners in hope of getting a promotion even though they are only a measily sales assistant who the boss is ashamed to have at his dinner table and only lets them in because he said everyone is welcome.

>> Is obsessed about the economy even though they dont own any shares.

>> Is obsessed with pop culture, celebrity gossip and does not realise its all bullshit

>> Wears only "fashionable" clothes bought on the high street.

>> Drinks stuff like diet coke and other "light" food and drink because they think it keeps them in shape and dont realise their actually consuming poison like aspartame and a whole list of E's.
Vicki works 80 hours a week at a 40 hour job and has an obsession with buying chick flicks
by towel401 September 18, 2004

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The kind of all singing-all dancing guy who appears to be loving, caring and seems to be nothing but perfect, ends up stealing your girlfriend just so he could fuck her. They stay together for how ever long sunshine-boy can stay perfect. Which isnt usually very long.
Some guy: What happend to your girlfriend, Katy?
Other guy: Oh, she ran off with some sunshine boy from Kansas named Rupert.
by towel401 October 04, 2004

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Someone who you endlessly waste your time and money on, so she can repay you by screwing you over for someone else, and still have the nerve to ask you to be her friend. Cuz she thinks shes all that
Any girl I've ever met.
by towel401 October 04, 2004

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like "Whats up" or watsuppies but shorter and doesnt sound as gurlish
heyy watsuppa?
by towel401 January 11, 2004

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A variant of "Whats up" often used by teenage girls.

May also be spelled "Whatsuppies" and "Whatsuppiez"
Heyy watsuppies?
by towel401 January 11, 2004

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