70 definitions by tirtle

The rectal irrigation of an entire population. First done in Italy.
The odor was so horrific that the health inspector assnic cleansing
by tirtle March 28, 2017
The only possible destination for Major League Baseball steroid cheaters.
If Barry Bonds becomes an actor he might make the Hallmark Hall of Fame.
by tirtle January 31, 2017
The absolute worst thing you can call someone. Lower than whale shit, worse than the sweat of your balls. A lowlife who thinks they are king shit.
Look at that old ginzo. He thinks he's the real fuck of shit.
by tirtle April 20, 2017
A general know-it-all on every useless subject.
Here comes that Gavone, he's a real fuck of shit.
by tirtle June 25, 2018
The term applies to the truncated presidency of Donald J. Trump, which will end far short of its four year term.
Donald Trump's presidency was trumpcated when he refused to let Melania's mother into the country.
by tirtle February 7, 2017