For well-educated people who are native speakers of a Latin language (French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, and others not so well-known), a Latino/Latina is anyone, regardless of race or nationality, whose language and culture is mainly from the Latin world. The Latin world is composed of the Latin-European countries and the places around the globe that they colonized and left a real strong mark.
The Latin European lands became Latin when The Roman Empire took over them for centuries giving them its culture. These new Latin lands did the same to the lands they conquered in America, Africa and Asia.

In the U.S.A. (where global education is basic) the word took a wrong turn meaning only one of these three things: 1)the people from Latin-America; 2) All Spanish-Speaking people; and 3)Pure or mixed Native-American people who speak Spanish even when their customs may still be very indigenous. Sadly, ignorance has allowed many people (even people from Latin America) to believe the U.S.form.
In Spanish, Italian and Portuguese there is no difference between Latino and Latin one is in English and he other one is in such language, and Latin means "designating of the languages derived from Latin, and the peoples who speak them and their countries". Therefore we then have Latins/Latinos in Europe,in all of the Americas including French Canada, several African countries, and a few places in Asia.
by Alfonso 1 May 3, 2008
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Any one who is, or whos ancestors are from a country with a latin based language. For example- Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, French, Galician, Occitan, Aromanian, Aragonese and Catalan.
Alejandro- So, where are you from?
Alexandru- Romania.
Alejandro- Cool! Latino pride!
Alexandru- Yipeee!
by Marquitos November 17, 2006
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Latino's/latina's are a race by languadge but are from different countrys e.g. italy,france,portugal,spain & south americans etc. just because someone is black doesnt mean they arnt latin. All you north americans have it wrong. I am italian australian i speak italian that makes me latino.They all tha romance languadges.
Latino Pride Paesani!
by lil paesan June 9, 2007
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An ethnicity of people who have origins in one or more of the following countries:

Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
El Salvador

Natives of French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, and Puerto Rico are also considered Latino.

Latino is often used interchangebly with the word "Hispanic", although they are not the same. The term "Hispanic" refers to a person from any Spanish-speaking country, whereas "Latino" refers to a person from a country in Latin America.

A Latino can be of any race. For example, an Argentine is Caucasian, and a Dominican is Black. But they are both Latino.
I am from Argentina, so I am Latino.
by Robert Koehler February 10, 2006
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Diverse people who know how to make killer music, amazing food, and dance like nobody's business. Extremely attractive. Punish using una chancla. Racially united under nationalism and customs, no matter what those who try to classify us eugenically have to say.
Carlos: I am black and from Puerto Rico-Soy Latino.
Maria: I am white and from Argentina-Soy Latina.
Pedro: I am indian and from Guatemala-Soy Latino.
by CUBALIBRE July 25, 2008
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A person from Latin America.

I disagree with Robert Koehler. I'm Dominican, and I'm white as white paint. How am I black? Amelia Vega, Miss Universe 2003, is also Dominican and she's light skinned, though I'm whiter.

I'm not "less Dominican" just beause I'm light colored, which is how I feel when someone says only dark colored skinned people are Dominican.

That's a misconception made about Dominicans, and stop stereotyping. I'm sure there's some dark-colored Colombians and some white colored Cubans. Every latino country is made up of different people, ranging from white to black. That's why latino countries are so special.

Diversity and Variety. Learn it.
Dominicans are considered latinos, even if they're white in color, or black.

by Santana June 21, 2006
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Contraction of latinoamericano, the Spanish word for Latin American. The feminine form is latina. Anyone from a country in Latin America (Mexico, most of Central and South America, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic) or with heritage and ancestry from Latin America is a Latino/Latina.
Jennifer Lopez is of a Puerto Rican background; she is a Latina.

Christina Milian is of Cuban background; she is a Latina.

Cesar Chavez is of Mexican background; he is a Latino.
by Arrriba May 25, 2012
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