Used when someone is doing something really stupid or unnecessary
Dude 1: I feel hyper today. *starts flailing around*

Dude 2: We don't need it
by LickinLamprey November 20, 2011
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A fat cow "If we don't have it..."

Hym "Yeah, I'm gonna stop you right there. You're taking that out of context and you're either doing it deliberately because you're a bitch or you're doing it unintentionally because you're an retard. So... Which is it? Bitch or retard? Retarded bitch? It's probably both. You're probably a retarded bitch. This is exactly why the misogyny. You're doing that to yourself at this point."
by Hym Iam August 26, 2023
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There are too many unknowns, too many factors that we may not have yet considered. Donald Rumsfeld coined this phrase in response to questions about whether terrorism intelligence collected by government agencies was being shared with all other security agencies.
Q: But seriously, Mr. Secretary, are you confident that all the intelligence gathered has been adequately shared, all the intelligence that Defense and the military has gathered has been adequately shared with other security agencies in the government?

Rumsfeld: Well, of course you don't know what you don't know. All I know is that we get a great deal of intelligence. We see that the individuals responsible for force protection in the United States and elsewhere around the world have it as rapidly as is possible. They then make their judgments as to how they're going to behave with respect to it.
I feel that we know what we know and we don't know what we don't know.
by SnakeMan25 March 1, 2010
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(Jamie Madrox)
We ain't underground by accident
It's only a select few that can handle this
Freek shit!
Apparition of a poltergiest
Blessed with a heart but it's cold as ice
And broken twice
Now I walk with an axe
Dressed in all jet black with contacts
Straight maniac
Samhein of Salem's Lot
Sand through the hour glass
Tickin' of the clock

(Monoxide Child)
If you don't know by now it's too late
We the most serious things on the market since date rape
We the dead, we don't explain or feel pain, bezerko
Keep it underground and maintain
Bitch you better check nuts
I'm doin' voodoo, leave ya 66 for 6 months
Ridin' in a dipped out hearse with gold spokes
Puffin' on a two ton blunt with dead folks
And it's like that

Axe murderers!!
We don't die!!
Serial killas!!
We don't die!!
Freeks of the night!!
We don't die!!
We get high!!
We don't die!!

(Monoxide Child)
Comin' up outta the ground
from the underground tunnel I dug
To keep away from the mainstream love
I just want somebody to move and get hurt
Got your hole dug deep in the dirt
Can't work
With you bitch muthafuckas makin' love to the press
With a bitch name tatted on your chest
Me and muhfuckin' Madrox
Hauntin' the joint
Bringin' death to the people that don't get the point
We don't die....

(Jamie Madrox)
Uh-huh, we unreal
Just like a seven dollar bill
Voice my opinion regardless of how you feel
Freek shit!!
It ain't about being rich
It's about juggalos and runnin' with lunatics
As long as y'all rock this we won't quit
We do it all for y'all...I mean that shit
Every one of y'all means everything to me
We bleed for y'all, that's why we call it family

Axe murderers!!
We don't die!!
Serial killas!!
We don't die!!
Freeks of the night!!
We don't die!!
We get high!!
We don't die!!

(Jamie Madrox)
We try to explain
The element of my self inflicted pain
We're not positive and uplifting, fuck you!
Walk a mile in our shoes
Experience hard times and payin' helly dues
Freek shit!!
What I live, what I breathe
Cast out Mutant X like he's diseased
Still they try to ban our sound
Cause supposedly it be resurrectin' the dead from under hollow ground

(Monoxide Child)
You in the dead zone, ten points for us
You smellin' cigarette smoke right before your lungs bust
You can't trust 'em
But I can bust 'em in half
And sit back and laugh
At all the shit I did
Can you do that?
Could you school that?
Better yet
I'm the wigged out serial killa type war vet
Freek show!!
Different than the rest
But I love it though
Put you to the test

(Chorus 4x)
Axe murderers!!
We don't die!!
Serial killas!!
We don't die!!
Freeks of the night!!
We don't die!!
We get high!!
We don't die!!
by Some_Juggalo_666 May 13, 2006
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A saying frequently tossed around by young adults, meaning that while they may have sex with hoes, they are not foolish enough to fall in love with said hoes, as such is bound to lead to heartbreak sooner or later.
Guy 1: "I think I'm falling in love with La'Dayday man."
Guy 2: "Nigga you dumb as fuck, don't you know we don't love these hoes?"
by midi_visions December 31, 2011
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We don't take kindly means that we take offense, or dislike whoever or whatever type of people are being spoken to.
Skeeter: Hey! Panda Bear! We don't take kindly your types in here!
Barkeep: Now, calm down skeeter, he ain't hurting nobody.
by WGF_Crafty September 26, 2014
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Coined by Justin Bieber, this term allows anyone to get out of any situation where they don't know what on Earth they're talking about.
Guy 1: Hey did you sleep with my girlfriend last night?

Guy 2: Your girlfriend?

Guy 1: Yeh my girlfriend...

Guy 2: Uhh... we don't say that in America

Guy 1: Ok dude that's cool then.

Guy 2: *fuck yes*
by skip-jkt May 5, 2010
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